Is Jenelle Evans trying to swindle her fans? Former Teen Mom 2 star accused of pocketing donation money

Jenelle Evans is under fire for allegedly cheating teen Mom 2 fans.
Fired Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is being accused of fraud. Pic credit: MTV

Fired Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans is being accused of defrauding her fans by pocketing donation money.

The TV personality is no stranger to controversy. She is continuously in the spotlight for her actions, especially when it comes to her choices in men.

This time though, it is not Jenelle’s relationship with baby daddy David Eason making headlines. It is accusations that she is cheating her fans out of money.

Jenelle tells fans she wants to help feed kids

Jenelle has teamed up with Cameo to raise money for charity to help during these unprecedented times. The app has become a go-to for celebrities looking to do their part amid the coronavirus.

Cameo allows fans to interact with their favorite stars for a price. The money being charged can go to charity if the celebrity chooses.

Jenelle posted a video to her Twitter account, letting fans know she was joining Cameo to raise money for No Kid Hungry Foundation.

For two days, April 17 and 18, she would donate all her Cameo money to the organization that works to help ensure no child goes hungry. The organization is especially important right now as schools are closed, and many kids rely on school meals.

Jenelle challenged fans to see how much money could raise for charity during the current health crisis.

Is Jenelle trying to swindle money from fans?

Not long after Jenelle posted the video, fans began questioning her motives. The post became flooded with users calling Jenelle a liar.

Fans accused Jenelle of keeping the money since she has been unemployed since Teen Mom 2 canned her.

Other users were quick to point out Cameo is not affiliated with the No Kid Hungry Foundation. However, the app is not associated with any charitable organization.

Celebrities choosing to donate money made from Cameo can link their donations to a specific charity, though.

The Sun spoke to Jenelle regarding the claims, which she called false. She explained that she booked five Cameos during the time frame. Once the money is her account, Jenelle will give it to the organization.

“When that money gets transferred to my bank account, then I can donate to the No Kid Hungry Foundation. It takes a few days for Cameo to send the money. I just completed the video requests yesterday,” Jenelle shared with The Sun.

Fans are still not convinced that Jenelle Evans is not taking donations that she claims are going to charity and keeping them for herself.

She denies all accusations against hee, but without proof, fans are going to continue to call her out.

Do you believe Jenelle?

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