Is Jason Oppenheim looking for love online? The Selling Sunset boss talks dating apps in new interview

Jason Oppenheim on Selling Sunset
Jason Oppenheim has dated an employee before and the Selling Sunset star talks about whether he would do it again. Pic credit: Netflix

Jason Oppenheim from Selling Sunset is not currently dating anyone but for once he is open to it.

The bachelor is routinely called out on Selling Sunset for being afraid of commitment. The girls tease him about being a single man for life.

He has dated before. He previously dated co-star and fellow real estate agent Mary Fitzgerald. They broke up but remain best friends.

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Mary is now married to Romain Bonnet. As for dating other co-workers, Jason said that the ship has sailed.

Jason Oppenheim will not date another co-worker

While it worked out for Jason and Mary because they remained friends, he knows that isn’t always the case. He would rather not date a co-worker going forward, he said.

Of course, it helps that most of the women on Selling Sunset are already taken.


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Another thing he is not on board with? Dating apps. Jason said he would prefer to meet someone the old-fashioned way.

He is not currently on any dating apps and doesn’t think he will try it anytime soon. Jason said he prefers to be at home with his dogs rather than go out on random dates.

However, he doesn’t want to shut down the idea completely. He has seen dating apps work for friends so he said he is still open to it.

Jason has admitted that he is looking for a relationship with someone he is friends with. He also hopes to have lots of things in common with his future girlfriend.

Perhaps he already has someone in mind?


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Dating is more difficult during the pandemic

Obviously, dating has been more of a challenge during the pandemic. His newfound fame from Selling Sunset is also a bit of a hindrance.

Jason now says he gets recognized whenever he does go out. He said he actually enjoys it, mainly because he has received mostly positive feedback unlike some of his other co-stars.

As of right now, Netflix has not confirmed or denied a renewal of Selling Sunset. However, Jason has high hopes they will begin filming season four sometime soon.

Co-star Christine Quinn has also talked about her high hopes of filming season four soon.

We wish Jason all the best with his career, Selling Sunset, and his dating life!

You can currently watch seasons 1-3 of Selling Sunset on Netflix.

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