Is Bret Michaels Banana on The Masked Singer? Here’s what we know about his dad

The Banana gives clues about his family life on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: FOX
Banana gives clues about his family life on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: FOX

The Masked Singer panelists made their last guesses for a while on the singers in Group B as they pared the group of six down to the three that would go on to the final round. And there are plenty of guesses flying around, especially for the good-time country boy under the banana mask.

Panelists Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, and guest panelist T-Pain started to guess driver- and racing-related celebrities. It was based on Banana’s clue package about how he taught his kids to drive by building a go-cart track in his backyard. They guessed Michael Andretti, Brad Paisley, Larry the Cable Guy, and perennial favorite panel guess, Johnny Knoxville. 

But panelists didn’t touch upon one of the most telling and specific clues that Banana revealed. When asked what the inspiration was behind his moving performance of Lean On Me by Bill Withers, Banana revealed that he recently lost his father.

“My father was like my best friend and he recently passed away,” explained Banana. “And this man was a true hero, he loved music, and this song was our jam.”

The Masked Singer panelists miss a huge clue about who is under the banana mask

The internet is already convinced that Poison frontman Bret Michaels is under the banana mask, but the clue about his father — who passed away in August — basically confirms it. Michaels paid tribute to his dad in an emotional post in which the language used was very similar to that which Banana used to describe his dad.

“My father was a dreamer, he was my warrior, my friend & most important my Dad,” wrote Michaels of his father. It seems that Banana feels very much the same way. Banana calling his dad a true hero might also be a reference to Michaels’ father’s history as a veteran.

When taken with other clues referencing his music, style, and hard-partying reputation, it seems pretty likely that Banana is Bret Michaels. Plus, he’s definitely been to the Playboy mansion before and could easily have struck up a friendship with former Playboy bunny Jenny McCarthy during that time — a friendship Banana referenced with his friendship bracelet clue.  

Is Banana on The Masked Singer Bret Michaels or are one of the panelists right? 

Banana goes on to join the final nine, along with Kitty and Frog from Group B and White Tiger, Kangaroo, and Turtle from Group A.

Tom Bergeron was unmasked as Taco tonight, joining Tony Hawk (Elephant), Dionne Warwick (Mouse), Lil Wayne’ (Robot), Drew Carey (Llama), and Chaka Khan (Miss Monster).

Next week starts an all-new round of masked performances with the addition of Group C to the competition.

Watch The Masked Singer on Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.   

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