Is Big Brother coming back in 2021? Answers for the fans

BB22 HOH Comp
It won’t be long until new Big Brother cast members are battling to become Head of Household. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother is back in 2021. There is no reason to bury the lead here because the reality competition show is back with a new cast of characters this summer.

The producers and casting director are hard at work putting together the Big Brother 2021 cast, and we expect to learn all of their names in early June.

It seems like a long time since the Big Brother All-Stars 2 cast was roaming the halls of the house, but it’s possibly because a lot of fans felt that the season was a bit forgettable.

A primary alliance that controlled the game, rumors of pre-gaming between former houseguests, and several big stars of the show missing ended up taking away something from the Big Brother 2020 season.

But at least we got a season, even though it was more difficult for them to film it during the coronavirus pandemic.

With all that practice on the safety protocols a lot of lead time to work with the BB23 cast members, we expect that we will see a lot of new and fresh faces getting introduced by host Julie Chen Moonves this summer.

Julie has also been taking to social media to help create additional buzz for the show – and it has worked. Fans are eagerly anticipating the return of the show to CBS.

When is Big Brother 2021 start date?

While CBS has officially announced that the show is returning this summer, the network hasn’t revealed the specific Big Brother 2021 start date.

If CBS sticks with a debut on the fourth Wednesday of June, we could see the BB23 season premiere on Wednesday, June 23.

The late June start would also allow for a lot of promotion for the show to take place in early June. That’s when we expect to learn the names of the BB23 cast members and to find out if any themes will serve as storylines for the season.

We also hope to see a new house tour from Julie during those first few weeks of June. While it may seem like June is still far away, the calendar is quickly ticking down to when we get to see Big Brother in action again.

More Big Brother news

For anyone who may have missed it, former Big Brother houseguests Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo just got married. They are also expecting a baby to arrive this summer.

Nicole Anthony also recently shared images of her new boyfriend, and there was an April Fool’s joke about Julie Chen Moonves that drew a lot of attention online.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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