Is Angenette getting along well with the Family Chantel now?

The Family Chantel stars Angenette Everett and Royal Everett
The Family Chantel stars Angenette Everett and Royal Everett seem to enjoy married life. Pic credit: @angenette_wylie/Instagram

The Family Chantel star Angenette Everett seems to have adjusted well to her married life in America. The wife of Royal Everett appears more relaxed now, even with her in-laws around.

During her stint on the show, fans witnessed how she struggled to build a close relationship with Royal’s family, particularly Chantel and Karen Everett. But now, it looks like the ladies are getting along well as seen in their latest outing together.

Is Angenette Everett getting along with her in-laws?

It looks like Angenette finally managed to get on the good side of The Family Chantel. The Filipina wife of Royal Everett seems to have a better relationship with her in-laws now compared to what viewers saw on the show.

In the past, Angenette has always been doubted by Royal’s family. They were vocal about their disapproval of their relationship, making it very clear that they simply don’t trust her.

At one point, The Family Chantel stars Chantel and Karen Everett accused her of using Royal as her ticket to America. Other accusations she faced from the family include infidelity, getting pregnant by another man, and her mom supposedly contacting Chantel’s uncle.

But now, things seem to have improved drastically for The Family Chantel stars. By the looks of it, Angenette is now more accepted by Royal’s family and fans are loving it.

The Family Chantel: Angenette Everett - Royal Everett - Chantel Everett
The Family Chantel stars Angenette and Royal Everett celebrate Chantel’s birthday. Pic credit: @angenette_wylie/Instagram

Angenette and Royal attend Chantel’s birthday party

Just recently, Royal and Angenette enjoyed a fun night at Chantel Everett’s 30th birthday. The whole family was present at the special event, making it a big family gathering.

Angenette shared a glimpse of her sister-in-law’s birthday bash at 5Church Atlanta. In one of her posts, she posed alongside her husband and Chantel at the party.

The Family Chantel star rocked a classy fitted dress that matched her husband’s dapper look. The couple definitely dressed for the occasion, perfectly fitting Chantel’s chic-themed party.

The Family Chantel: Angenette Everett - Royal Everett
The Family Chantel couple Angenette and Royal Everett showed their fun side on social media. Pic credit: @angenette_wylie/Instagram

Angenette enjoys married life with Royal

Meanwhile, Angenette and Royal continue to enjoy married life together. The Family Chantel couple seems to be more confident and relaxed about their relationship now.

Angenette, in particular, often shares adorable and sweet moments with Royal on social media. Recently, the couple showcased their humor in a goofy TikTok video. Another post showed Royal’s soft spot for his wife when he adorably styled her hair.

The Family Chantel is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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