The Family Chantel: Angenette pokes fun at in-laws, enjoys Christmas with Royal Everett

The Family Chantel stars Angenette and Royal Everett appeared on the show's second season.
Angenette and Royal Everett made their TV debut on The Family Chantel in Season 2. Pic credit: TLC

The Family Chantel newcomer, Angenette Everett, seems to have put the drama behind her as she continues to enjoy married life with Royal Everett in America.

The Filipina finally appears more relaxed, weeks after the show’s second season wrapped up.

The once timid new addition to Chantel Everett’s family recently showed off her fun side, seemingly poking fun at her in-laws.

The Family Chantel star Angenette throws shade at in-laws

It seems that Angenette is trying to make the best of family drama. Taking to her Instagram Stories, Angenette made light of the drama and managed to show off her sense of humor at the same time, and fans are loving it.

In the post, Angenette threw a little shade towards the Everett family, particularly Karen and Chantel.

The TLC star shared a video of herself enjoying a cup of coffee. But what caught fans’ attention was her noticeably enlarged ear, listening intently to Royal’s supposed chitchat with his family.

“When my husband is on the phone with my in-law and i hear my name in their conversation,” Angenette captioned the post, subtly dissing Chantel and Karen Everett.

It’s no secret that Angenette has been at odds with Royal’s family. The drama unfolded throughout the second season of The Family Chantel.

Chantel and her mom, Karen, openly expressed their doubts about Angenette from the beginning. They believed that she saw Royal as her one-way ticket to a good life in America. However, Royal remained committed to Agenette and defended his wife.

The Family Chantel star Angenette Everett pokes fun at her in-laws in humorous post.
The Family Chantel star Angenette, wife of Royal Everett, seemingly pokes fun at her in-laws in her latest social media post. Pic credit: @angenette_wylie/Instagram

Angenette and Royal Everett’s chill holiday

It seems like fighting for Angenette is a good decision for Royal Everett. The couple has been enjoying married life, especially now that they’re out of the spotlight.

Royal and Angenette had a simple and laidback Christmas celebration in Georgia. They also enjoyed a meal at a local seafood restaurant.

Angenette shared a photo of her husband looking rather pleased with their dinner date.

The Family Chantel couple Angenette and Royal Everett enjoyed a simple Christmas celebration together.
The Family Chantel stars Angenette and Royal Everett spent Christmas together. Pic credit: @angenette_wylie/Instagram

Will The Family Chantel couple return for season 3?

The Family Chantel fans are anticipating the show’s return for a third season since the hit spinoff had a good run this year.

Fans are looking forward to seeing how things will go with Royal and Angenette. The couple pushed through with their wedding on the season finale earlier this month.

In addition, viewers are also hoping to see a continuation of Nicole Jimeno’s complicated love story with Alejandro Padron.

Of course, the show wouldn’t be what it is without its OG couple, Pedro Jimeno and his wife Chantel Everett. Will their marriage continue to survive? Or will there be more drama on the horizon for them?

For now, TLC has yet to confirm if The Family Chantel will return for a third season.

The Family Chantel is currently on hiatus.

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