The Family Chantel: Suspicion shifts as the family questions mysterious brother Royal’s new wife Angenette

Chantel thinks her new sister-in-law Angenette may have been fishing for a green card. Pic credit: TLC

It’s been four long years that Pedro Jimenez and Chantel Everett have continued to make their 90 Day Fiance marriage work. They have documented all of it on TLC and last year, they even got their own spinoff, The Family chantel.

Now, the 90 Day Fiance spinoff has returned with its second installment on TLC.

It’s revealed Chantel’s not the only one to involve themselves in an international relationship in this family- her older brother Royal is back in town with his new bride.

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Meeting online, her eldest sibling fell in love and proposed to Angenette on his first trip to the Philippines. Following the steps of his younger sister, Royal and his new wife Angenette embarked on the K-1 visa process.

The family Chantel welcomed Royal’s new 90-day wife

Instead of using the entirety of the traditional 90 days to figure out if the marriage worked, Royal and his new bride jumped into the process and wed a week into arriving in the US.

Angenette’s reception to the family has been more than warm and Pedro can’t help but compare how different his experience was. The couple has been married for years now and can barely tolerate just sitting in the same room with her family before fights break out.

However, Chantel’s mother Karen reminds viewers that Pedro was introduced to the family under false pretenses and the problems started after uncovering the lies.

For the first time since the infamous Dominican Republic trip, the entire family reunites for Royal’s homecoming/birthday party.

Pedro is finally on the other side, looking at a new husband and wife who just might be looking for a green card. So naturally, he’s been asking the questions everyone wants to know.

Royal reveals that Angenette reached out to him first via Facebook and they’ve been close ever since.

Does Royal even trust his partner?


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On the Season 2 premiere, Chantel tries to get closer to her new sister-in-law by inviting her to a ‘girls night out.’ Nothing like a few drinks to make her feel comfortable with her family.

However, when Angenette arrives, Chantel finds out her brother had outlined rules for his wife. Along with advising her not to drink too much, Chantel finds out Angenette isn’t encouraged to curl her hair.

The fun night takes a drastic turn when her older brother shows up at the club where the women are partying. For some reason, Royal doesn’t seem to trust Angenette and Chantel wants to know why.

Chantel takes Angenette’s standoffishness for sneaky and thinks she has something to hide. It all starts to make sense when she remembers something her brother told her in the past. She reveals that her brother had previously admitted that he caught Angenette messaging other American men.

Even though Chantel has been down this same path with Pedro, she’s questioning the motives of his brother’s new wife and she’s not going to stop until she gets some answers.

Do you think the relationship between Chantel’s brother Royal and his foreign bride is real?

The Family Chantel airs Monday nights at 10/9c on TLC. 

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