How long are the couples separated on Temptation Island?

The cast of Temptation Island Season 3
The couples of Temptation Island spend several days apart from one another while filming Pic credit: USA Network

Temptation Island is a true test for couples to determine whether they are truly invested in their relationship or whether they’d be happier single or with someone else.

Four couples who have questioned an aspect of their relationship go on the show in hopes of finding answers to their questions and solutions to their relationship struggles.

All of this is done while several eligible singles attempt to win them over in hopes that they’ll start a new relationship with them instead.

Season 3 of Temptation Island kicked off last week and fans were introduced to the new couples; Erica Washington and Kendal Kirkland, Erin Smith and Corey Sobczyk, Chelsea Orcutt and Thomas Gipson, and Kristen Ramos and Julian Allen.

The couples all have various reasons for coming on the show which ranges from feeling underappreciated, being hesitant about commitment, and jealousy or control issues in their relationship.

After a brief introduction to the singles and a tour of their villas, the couples are separated to begin their journey.

In past seasons, contestants have left the show in new relationships and have often been criticized for moving too quickly but just how long are the couples separated from each other?

How long are the couples separated from each other?

After going their separate ways, the couples spend approximately four weeks apart from one another.

During that time, they spend time getting to know attractive singles whom they live with and spend time with day and night.

The couples then have opportunities to choose singles to go on individual dates with and they begin to build their connection.

When not on individual dates, the groups spend time together at the villas and that time usually involves large amounts of alcohol and inhibitions and reservations are thrown to the curb.

At a certain point each week, the couples are invited to a bonfire where they are shown clips of their significant other and what they’ve been up to. The clips usually show their partner participating in questionable activities and are just short enough to easily be taken out of context as the full situation is rarely known.

Season 3 recap

Season 3 is only two episodes in and on the most recent episode, the couples chose singles to go on their first one-on-one dates with as their significant other sat a short distance away.

All of the men waved hello to their girlfriends with the exception of Kendal, who didn’t make eye contact with Erica.

The couples selected their dates and while some seemed unfazed by their partner’s choices, others were not so thrilled. Corey in particular became concerned when he saw Erin choose an athlete to go out with, which was one of his biggest fears going into the show.

Following the dates, the couples were invited to their first bonfires. After only seeing a couple of the clips, it didn’t take long for the couples to start questioning their relationships and their partner’s choices.

The bonfire will continue on next week’s episode as more drama is certain to unfold. Fans can tune in to the newest episodes of Temptation Island to find out what happens as the couples spend the next few weeks exploring their connection with new people.

Temptation Island airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA Network

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