Here’s who went home on Bachelor in Paradise Episode 8

Bachelor in Paradise Episode 8 showed some dramatic exits and even a surprise twist during the rose ceremony. Pic credit: ABC

There is no shortage of drama on Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise, and the same goes for Episode 8.

The men had the power this week as they were in charge of handing out the roses.

This episode started off with nine men and 14 women, which meant five women were meant to go home.

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However, Wells Adams revealed a major twist as he hosted the rose ceremony.

He expressed that he felt one woman wasn’t given a fair chance at love and one of the crew members came out with an extra rose.

This meant four women would be sent home.

Who got sent home on Bachelor in Paradise?

The reason why five women didn’t go home is that Wells gave Natasha Parker the extra rose after Brendan Morais broke her heart and was found guilty of dating Pieper James back at home.

The four women that went home during the most recent episode of Bachelor in Paradise are Demi Burnett, Tammy Ly, Deandra Kanu and Jessenia Cruz.

Demi, in typical fashion, had one of the more dramatic exits.

This week did not go as planned for her. Earlier on in the season, she set her eyes on Kenny Braasch, aka “the 40-year-old,” after Mari Pepin said they should be open to dating other people.

Demi took Kenny to the Boom Boom Room and even made him a cake for his birthday, which Mari threw in the fire.

However, Mari had a heart-to-heart with Kenny and confessed that seeing him with other women made her realize how much she cared about him.

With that, Kenny had to dump Demi, which resulted in one of her hissy fits. In other words, it wasn’t much of a surprise when Kenny gave his rose to Mari over Demi.

Tammy also had an eventful exit. It was her birthday and she certainly took advantage of crying whenever she wanted to.

Earlier on in the season, she left her first partner, Aaron Clancy, for his arch-nemesis Thomas Jacobs and it did not work out in her favor.

Aaron was saved when Becca Kufrin gave him her rose. However, his head was turned when Chelsea Vaughn walked in.

Becca then set her sights on Thomas and took him on a date. While Tammy was confident he would return to her, that’s not what happened.

On the day of the rose ceremony, aka her birthday, Thomas dumped Tammy, thus making it clear she would be going home that night.

Deandra didn’t have much luck finding love after rebuffing both Karl Smith and Chasen Nick after the necklace debacle.

As for Jessenia, she had her heart broken by Chris Conran. He was the first contestant essentially forced off the island by his peers after he quickly switched gears from Jessenia to newcomer Alana Milne.

Which couples are left on Bachelor in Paradise?

Even though it’s sad to see some fan favorites go, it’s even better to see other relationships flourish.

The couples that survived after the most recent rose ceremony are Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt, Abigail Herringer and Noah Erb, Mari Peppin and Kenny Braasch, Maurissa Gunn and Riley Christian, Thomas Jacobs and Becca Kufrin, Aaron Clancy and Chelsea Vaughn, Tia Booth and James Bonsall and Kendall Long and Ivan Hall.

However, due to the drama that unfolded during the rest of the episode, that might not remain the same for long.

Blake Monar entered and took Tia Booth for a date. Based on how smitten she is with him, it seems like this couple may be here to stay.

Another newcomer, Dr. Joe Park, arrived and took Natasha Parker on a date. Unfortunately, that didn’t go too well.

Meanwhile, Kendall found watching Serena and Joe being all lovey-dovey unbearable and she voiced her complaints to Ivan Hall.

The episode ended on a cliff-hanger that makes it seem like Kendall will be leaving the island.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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