Here’s who has the most and the least followers from the MAFS Season 13 cast so far

Bao and Johnny on a boat
The Married at First Sight Season 13 stars gained lots of followers after the show. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight has become a big hit for Lifetime and the popular reality show often leads to many of its stars gaining lots of followers. 

MAFS cast members often keep their social media accounts private while their season is airing in order to avoid spoiling the outcome of the show and then, once the show ends, many of them make their accounts public allowing fans to interact with them more directly. 

With MAFS Season 13 coming to a rocky close and ending with all the couples splitting in one way or another, the cast has now been able to be more public and active on social media and many have experienced a giant increase in followers. 

Here’s how many followers the MAFS Season 13 cast has received thus far.

Gil Cuero has the most followers of the MAFS Season 13 cast at over 80k

Gil has gained the most followers and second place is not even close. Both men and women MAFS viewers fell in love with Gil due to his positivity and patience, and MAFS fans have been following him in droves. 

Gil has revealed that he’s received thousands of DMs that range from women showing support and shooting their shot and men praising him for the example he set as a husband.

Gil clearly has become the most beloved breakout star from MAFS Season 13 and he currently has 81.8k followers on Instagram, which is even more than some popular cast members from previous MAFS seasons. 

Myrla Feria comes in second place 

Considering Gil and Myrla became the strongest couple during the season, it’s perhaps not too surprising that Myrla has the second most followers. Interestingly, even in second place, Gil still has over 40k more followers than his ex-wife. 

Myrla had MAFS viewers going back and forth on whether they liked her throughout the season. Initially, many found Myrla’s pessimistic complaining off-putting only for Myrla to later grow on them as a woman who is unapologetic about what she wants.

When MAFS fans learned that Myrla had abruptly ended her marriage with Gil and was coldly dismissive of his feelings at the reunion, most landed on disliking Myrla and her newfound connection with fellow villain Johnny Lam. 

However, Myrla provoked enough interest to garner 39.9k followers on Instagram. 

Zack and Bao have a similar amount of followers 

Zack and Bao had two of the rockiest relationships of the season and seemed to butt heads the most with their MAFS ex-spouses. In a surprise turn of events, Zack and Bao became friends and eventually decided to explore a relationship as more than friends. 

Zack and Bao are now a romantic couple and many MAFS fans are glad to see they found happiness with one another. 

Of the MAFS cast, Zack comes in 3rd place with 38.8k followers and Bao is close behind with 37.8k followers. 

Rachel has significantly more followers than Jose 

Rachel comes in 5th place with 32.9k followers. 

Her on-again-off-again husband, Jose, was less liked by MAFS viewers throughout the season due to his controlling nature and it reflects a bit in his following count. 

Jose comes in 6th place with 18.8k followers. 

Michaela and Johnny come in 7th and 8th respectively 

Every season of MAFS has its “villains” and Michaela and Johnny certainly appeared to be the villains of MAFS Season 13. 

However, MAFS fans are naturally curious about the two and they both still gained thousands of followers.

Michaela has 18.6k followers. Meanwhile, Johnny has 18.4k followers. 

Ryan and Brett gained the least amount of followers 

As a couple, Ryan and Brett were always lukewarm at best since neither could muster up a spark with one another. 

While Brett technically has the least amount of followers out of the entire MAFS Season 13 cast, there’s a reason for it.

Brett is the only one whose account still appears to be private and so she understandably has a humble 345 followers. 

Of the 9 other public accounts from the cast, Ryan has the least with 17.4k followers.

These numbers all continue to grow as more and more fans flock to follow the latest cast of Married at First Sight and keep up with their lives post-show.

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, January 5th at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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