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MAFS viewers furious with Myrla after finding out she broke up with Gil

MAFS fans were furious to find out the changed relationship status of Gil Cuero and Myrla Feria at the reunion. Pic credit: Lifetime

After all the nice words Myrla Feria had to say about Gil Cuero, the Married at First Sight reunion was rocked when it was unveiled that only a short 14 days after Decision Day, Myrla determined she didn’t want to be with her new husband anymore.

Citing financial instability and chemistry as the cause for splitting up their marriage, MAFS fans are choosing sides on the separation and most are furious with Myrla for breaking up with Gil.

Myrla Feria broke up with Gil Cuero two weeks after Decision Day

If there was a controversial match on Married at First Sight this season, it was Myrla and Gil.

MAFS fans had been hesitant with Myrla’s strong, tightly wound personality, but they finally cut her some slack after it seemed she would be able to look past her and Gil’s materialistic differences.

It’s clear some are upset they gave the leadership coach the chance as one critic tweeted, “So Myrla is exactly who we thought she was in the beginning.”

From day one of the experiment, it was no secret that Myrla and Gil had major differences when it came to their lifestyle choices.

Myrla worked hard and appreciated the finer things but for Gil, money wasn’t a motivator and he didn’t mind living a simpler life.

Complaining at every group event, Myrla also wasn’t a huge fan of large gatherings of people, and many fans, along with Gil, considered the MAFS bride a major “Debbie Downer.”

Married at First Sight viewers are furious with Myrla Feria

While some viewers could appreciate Myrla’s high standards and commitment to herself, even fans that have stood behind her all season are furious with the 35-year-old after the reunion.

“Not Myrla being the villain everyone said she was after I defended her all season,” one critic wrote.

Other fans have thrown around the thought that Myrla “could’ve been honest on decision day but she didn’t want to look bad.”

As of the MAFS reunion, the two Season 12 couples who decided to stay together on Decision Day, Gil and Myrla and Rachel and Jose, both announced their break-ups.

Do you think Myrla was honest with her feelings on Decision Day? Let us know in the comments.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.