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Here is who made it to the finals of American Idol Season 20

American Idol finalists
American Idol finalists. Pic credit: ABC

Tonight is the American Idol Season 20 finale, and three singers remain fighting for the title of American Idol.

These three singers will each get to sing a duet on the finale with major musical talent, will sing a Bruce Springsteen song, and they are also supposed to sing the original songs they recorded two weeks ago.

With that in mind, only one singer will win this season of American Idol, and here is who is fighting for that win.

Leah Marlene

Leah Marlene came into the season as the self-professed “weird girl.” She looked like a fun contestant that probably wouldn’t make it very far.

However, Leah is a lot more than a weird girl. She has a great voice and has won fans over with her great personality and amazing vocal performances.

She seemed shocked that she made it to the finals, possibly thinking that was Fritz Hager’s spot to lose, but she is in the finals.

Leah also has Fritz on her side as he has asked the people who would have voted for him to vote for Leah in the finals.

She has a good chance, but the competition is tough.


HunterGirl has been an odds-on-favorite since the season started. She won one of the three Platinum Tickets in the audition round.

However, that turned out to be kryptonite for the other two winners. Kenedi Anderson quit the show before fan voting started, and Jay Copeland fought an uphill battle before his eventual elimination.

However, HunterGirl has a story that people love. She works with military veterans and creates songs based on their personal stories to help them cope.

It also helps that she has a great country voice and has been finding her stride in the competition, choosing songs that perfectly fit her skill set.

HunterGirl has as good a chance to win as anyone in the American Idol finale.

Noah Thompson

When Noah Thompson showed up at the auditions, it was a great story as his friend signed him up and had faith in his buddy to do good.

Noah has done more than good. While he never seemed like someone who would make it far in the competition, there is something about a seemingly good person making it far on American Idol.

Noah has the weakest voice of anyone in the competition, but he is immensely likable and has shown just enough improvement to possibly win it all.

Luke Bryan considers Noah the frontrunner heading into the finals.

The American Idol Season 30 finale airs at 8/7c on ABC.

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