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Hannah Brown’s followers are asking her to please speak out, says silence only causes more suffering

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown has stayed silent since her second apology this weekend. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Brown shared a video on Instagram Live on the weekend, where she was rapping the song lyrics.

One of those words happened to be the n-word. Rather than skip the word or stop the song, she muttered the word.

Hannah then added a video of her discussing whether or not she said it, even though she definitely said it.

The day after, she released a longer apology, saying she was sorry for offending people. That’s all fans have heard from her.

The video started to spread throughout Bachelor Nation, resulting in many people sharing their comments, including Tyler Cameron, Rachel Lindsay, Nick Viall, and Mike Johnson.

Hannah Brown’s followers want more from her

Many of her Bachelor Nation stars pointed out that it wasn’t okay for Hannah to say the word. Nick pointed to the fact that Hannah sees herself as a role model for others, so she should have done more.

And fans agree. On @bachelorteaspill’s Instagram account, it’s being highlighted that Hannah needs to take more action and do more soon.

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown’s fans want more from her. Pic credit: @bachelorteaspill/Instagram

“The longer Hannah B goes without actually taking accountability and setting a precedent for her fans that is anti-racist, her supporters will continue to defend her behavior and black people will continue to suffer as a consequence,” @taymocha wrote on Instagram.

@bachelorteaspill added that Hannah wasn’t a victim in this situation and asked for people to stop defending her. The account owner added that Hannah should say something soon.

Hannah Brown’s brother has also been accused of using the n-word online

Yesterday, we reported that someone was trying to point the finger at Hannah’s brother for also using the n-word. Patrick is being accused of using the n-word on Twitter a couple of years ago.

We can’t confirm that it is indeed Patrick, as the tweet and the account don’t exist anymore.

After her video went live, Bachelor Nation fans chimed in. Tyler Cameron was quick to defend Hannah, saying she felt bad and that this was a learning experience for her.

Nick Viall also spoke out about Hannah’s apology, revealing he was disappointed in her initial apology and he wanted more.

As for Hannah, sources say she feels horrible about the whole thing, but she has yet to say anything more about the incident.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.