Hannah Brown’s brother Patrick is being accused of also using the n-word online

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown’s brother has also used the n-word before. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Brown made headlines over the weekend because she shared a video of her rapping the lyrics to a song.

Everything was fine until she muttered the n-word. While she did lower her voice at the time, she did say the word, and fans heard it loud and clear.

It didn’t take long for fans to reach out, because she was quick to issue an apology.

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She said that she didn’t think she said the word, but if she did, she was sorry about it. She later added that she would never use that word.

Now, someone is accusing her brother of using the word online as well.

Hannah Brown’s brother is being accused of also using the word online

In a tweet from late 2016, a Twitter account by the name of Patrick Brown uses the word in a reply. The handle is @PATRICKx44, which is a non-existent handle now.

Patrick Brown
Patrick Brown supposedly also used the word online. Pic credit: @bachelorteaspill/Instagram

The tweet was shared by @bachelorteaspill and the account holder added that it was sickening to read. We did some digging and we could not find the same account name.

We also searched for the specific tweet in question, but it appears to have been deleted. We are unsure of how the account found the tweet or if it is indeed Patrick Brown, Hannah’s brother.

The Instagram account also revealed that people were upset about the tweet, sharing that it was not right to put Patrick on blast.

The person sharing the tweet is facing a backlash. Pic credit: @bachelorteaspill/Instagram

“Hannah blamed her brother publicly. A lot of people questioned why. Now we know why,” the account holder wrote on another Instagram Story.

The owner also explained it wasn’t an intent to make Hannah look bad, adding an apology is still welcomed.

Hannah Brown issued a second apology

Hannah first issued an apology after she said the word, but her apology wasn’t as strong as fans would have liked.

She questioned whether she really said it. Within 24 hours, she posted a second apology, where she apologized for hurting people’s feelings.

Many people from Bachelor Nation spoke out about the issue, including Rachel Lindsay, who is the only Bachelorette of color in the franchise.

Hannah was invited to talk with Rachel about the n-word, but she reportedly turned it down.

This didn’t sit well with people. Since the scandal, Hannah has kept a low profile.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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