Hannah Brown stars in a music video alongside her new boyfriend

Hannah Brown stars in a music video alongside her new boyfriend
Hannah Brown stars in a music video alongside her new boyfriend, Adam. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown is making moves to grow her platform after appearing on the show.

After leaving her career as an interior designer to pursue The Bachelor with Colton Underwood and later her own season as The Bachelorette, she’s been trying to establish a new life in Los Angeles.

She went on Dancing With The Stars before the coronavirus pandemic and she has launched a YouTube channel to continue her relationship with her fans.

Plus, she has found love on her own with a man named Adam Woolard.

Hannah Brown is starring in a music video

Now, Hannah gets to cross another thing off the list. She is now starring in a music video. Both she and Adam star in Jordan Davis’ video for Almost Maybes.

The video went live Friday, February 19.

In the video, Hannah plays a fun, flirty girl at the bar. Jordan plays a man, who isn’t happy in his relationship. As it turns out, the woman Hannah plays has the same issues at home, as she doesn’t feel like she’s being listened to.

Yet, in the video, Hannah gets a proposal from none other than her current real-life boyfriend, Adam.

As they both try to find a connection in their relationships, Hannah and Jordan find one another. Hannah even gets to show off some dance moves in the video.

Hannah Brown is no longer on the market

Even though Bachelorette fans had hoped that Hannah and Tyler Cameron would give their relationship a second chance, it appears that they have moved on.

Tyler hasn’t officially announced a new relationship yet or gone Instagram official, but he has been spotted with Camila Kendra. The two have been holding hands, kissing, and were rumored to be serious.

And Hannah has moved on as well.

Hannah went public with her new relationship on Valentine’s Day, where she officially announced her relationship with Adam. Late last year, Hannah revealed she was getting back on the dating market with the help of a matchmaker.

Adam may start making some appearances on her social media accounts. She has an active YouTube channel, where she talks about her life and he’s now a big part of it.

Hannah opened up about her body insecurity on her YouTube channel recently. She revealed that she used to struggle with her body image and accepting the fact that she looks the way she does. She even struggled with accepting her own appearance when she was on Dancing With The Stars.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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