Hannah Brown admits she was ‘deeply hurt’ when Tyler Cameron rejected her, dated Gigi Hadid instead

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron film for AFTR
The Bachelorette alum Hannah Brown reveals she had stronger feelings for Tyler Cameron than she had let on and was “shocked” by Gigi Hadid relationship. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette alum Hannah Brown is not holding back anymore about her true feelings towards runner-up Tyler Cameron.

Hannah Brown regretted giving her final rose to Jed Wyatt after it was revealed that he had a girlfriend back at home and was on the show solely to boost his music career.

During her After the Final Rose special, The Bachelorette viewers will remember that Hannah asked Tyler out, much to the audience’s excitement.

While it’s known that they never officially got together, Hannah revealed that she was more hurt by it than she had let on at the time.

“I was really hoping that we would start dating again,” she tells People magazine, “I thought I’d made a mistake. I had feelings for Tyler. And I wanted to make things work.”

Hannah Brown was ‘deeply hurt’ when she found out Tyler Cameron was dating Gigi Hadid

Hannah Brown delved deeper into the issue in her memoir God Bless This Mess.

She explained that she had felt her date with Tyler following the ATFR went really well and she thought they had the potential to get more serious.

“We had really intimate conversations about planning trips and things,” says Hannah. “I wanted it to work and to know that everything had happened for a reason. But maybe there was some miscommunication of what that meant.”

It seems that, unfortunately, Tyler wasn’t on the same page as her. While Hannah thought Tyler was invested in reconnecting with her, news broke that Tyler had begun dating model Gigi Hadid.

Hannah expressed in the book that she did not see his relationship with Gigi coming.

Tyler himself even admitted that he was seeing Gigi and Hannah at the same time and that there was some overlap.

“I knew we were not together or openly dating, but just from the conversations we’d had, it was so shocking — and so public,” shares Hannah.

While Hannah was “deeply hurt,” not many people knew it at the time. She admitted that she felt she couldn’t let on how hurt she was.

“I felt like I had to be strong and pretend it didn’t bother me when it did,” Hannah said. “I was already on the ground [following her breakup with Wyatt] and this was another kick. I was deeply hurt. I said to Tyler, ‘I’d date Gigi Hadid too if I could, I get it.’ But it was not the way I wish it was handled.”

Ultimately, Hannah has regrets about downplaying her feelings for Tyler. However, she still feels everything happened for a reason as she is now happy with Adam Woolard.

Hannah and Peter hooked up after he filmed The Bachelor

Hannah also dropped another juicy truth bomb in her memoir. She shared that she and Peter Webber hooked up at a party as his season of The Bachelor was still airing.

They were careful to be discreet but Hannah admitted that it wasn’t as good as their fantasy suite date when they “did it” four times in that infamous windmill.

She confessed that the spark was no longer there. She was then weirded out when she found out that he still had feelings for his runner-up, Madison Prewett, after dumping Hannah Ann Sluss.

Once again, Hannah B seems happy that didn’t work out because it led to her loving life with Adam.

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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