Hannah Brown admits she didn’t like herself after The Bachelorette and DWTS

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown reveals she was broken after her year on reality television. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown is speaking out about the past year.

She’s been in the spotlight for her work on Dancing With The Stars and her role as The Bachelorette.

However, she is now admitting that things were not always easy during this time. In fact, her friends told her that she had changed, which caused her to take a good hard look at herself.

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She decided to speak out about her emotional journey with another Bachelorette.

Hannah Brown reveals she lost herself after The Bachelorette

Hannah visited Kaitlyn Bristowe on her podcast recently for a candid talk about how a broken engagement, the spotlight, and Dancing With The Stars changed her.

“I had to look within, like, ‘What just happened? What has the past year and a half been like and who even were you before that and have you lost the girl or is that girl the same or just different or am I just somebody that I didn’t even recognize?’” Hannah told Kaitlyn on the Off the Vine podcast recently. “There was a lot of things I didn’t like about me anymore.”

Hannah explained that friends would talk to her about how she had changed and how her friends helped save her.

“She was like, ‘I remember coming home crying because I could just tell you were just so broken and so distracted and just not you.’ And she was like, ‘I know it’s been hard for you the past few months, but you’re back and I missed you,’” Hannah explained.

Over the summer, Hannah made headlines after blurting out the N-word on an Instagram video with her brother. That, along with her fame, made friends around her think she was changing.

“It killed me, but it was so violating because I know I did a lot of work. I lost sight of things because I couldn’t even stand to look at it all and feel the pain but it all but I finally did and I actually like this person again,” she explained to Kaitlyn.

Hannah Brown isn’t pursuing Tyler Cameron anymore

These days,  Hannah is focusing on herself. She’s putting The Bachelorette days behind her and working on healing herself.

While Hannah hasn’t given fans an exact update on her relationship with Tyler, it appears that Tyler and Hannah have put the Bachelorette finale behind them.

Even though Tyler has moved on from the failed engagement, he continues to speak out about his experience on the show. Tyler has talked about his Bachelorette journey, including how he picked an engagement ring for Hannah.

He has also revealed that he has moved on from the outcome, sharing that he’s working on becoming friends with Hannah.

Hannah reflected on her complicated relationships, including her relationship with Tyler. As much as she wanted to work things out, Tyler had moved on.

The Bachelorette airs Thursday at 8/7c on ABC.

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