Tyler Cameron talks Bachelorette regrets and picking Hannah Brown’s engagement ring

Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron talks about his engagement ring for Hannah Brown. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron is breaking his silence about his Bachelorette journey, which took place last summer.

For those who haven’t followed The Bachelorette or who don’t remember how everything played out, here’s a brief recap.

Tyler was about to propose to Hannah Brown when she cut him short. She decided to try a relationship with Jed Wyatt.

The two got engaged but just days later, Hannah learned that Jed had kept a romance private at home. She ended the engagement and wanted to pursue a relationship with Tyler.

But he wasn’t in the same place. In fact, after going out for drinks with Hannah, he was spotted with supermodel Gigi Hadid, and they dated for a couple of months after the show ended.

Tyler Cameron shares his one Bachelorette regret

Tyler and Hannah would spend time together in quarantine, but nothing ever came from this. Now, Tyler is reflecting on his Bachelorette journey and he’s opening up about two things – his biggest regret and the engagement ring he got for Hannah.

“The only regret I have was not speaking to her on night one. That’s my biggest regret, because that put me behind the eight ball,” he explained to US Weekly on their latest episode of Bachelor Confessions.

“My relationship started slower than everyone else’s. I think that could’ve definitely helped speed things up, get things rolling.”

When it came to picking the engagement ring he had for Hannah, he reveals it was a scary situation.

“I was freaking out. That was such a scary thing to do. I remember being there, like, ‘That one, no, that one.’ I was like ‘Oh god, I’m going to make the worst decision.’ I was like, you know what, just give me the biggest one there is … that fits Hannah’s personality,” Tyler said. “Big personality, big ring. That’s kind of how I came to my answer at the end of it.”

You can hear the full interview here.

Tyler Cameron seems to have closed the door on Hannah Brown

Tyler appears to be closing the door on Hannah.

During a recent YouTube video with Hannah, he revealed that they were working on their friendship. He added that they didn’t get along at times, saying that Hannah had to leave his house in Jupiter, Florida during their quarantine together.

On October 22, we reported that Tyler had liked a tweet from a fan who asked people to stop talking about Hannah Brown all the time.

In everything that surfaced online, Tyler was linked to Hannah. Of course, that’s how Bachelorette fans know Tyler, but it appears he’s getting tired of people asking them to work things out and date.

Yesterday we reported that Tyler is finally at the Nemacolin Resort to support his friend Matt James, who is currently filming his season of The Bachelor.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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