Hannah B shades Victoria F while The Bachelor aired

Hannah B
Hannah B shades the ladies as they leave The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Brown is no stranger to the drama on The Bachelor, but she is someone who doesn’t bawl her eyes out on national television.

So, when Peter Weber’s women do cry, Hannah can’t help but mock them.

This week when the episode was airing, Hannah went on Instagram Stories to do a live-Instagram session where she talked about what she was seeing.

When she went live on the social network, Peter was contemplating keeping Victoria F on the show. He was walking her to the car with a rose in hand, and Victoria was freaking out.

As it turns out, fans are now accusing Hannah of mocking Victoria for what she said.

Hannah B is caught mocking the women on The Bachelor

It all started when Hannah was pretend-crying on her Instagram Live, mocking the women are they bawled their eyes out when they were sent home.

She used a GIF of Peter and the caption, “all the emotions for the sad limo ride.”

Since she didn’t make it specific to any one woman, she possibly was mimicking Victoria F, who was ready to cry because she thought Peter was sending her home.

Then, just a few minutes later, Hannah just happened to be filming when Victoria F commented: “it’s annoying to be around me.” That’s when Hannah paused and then said, “well…you said it.”

While she didn’t talk about Victoria F specifically, she made it very clear that she finds Victoria F to be annoying. And she may think that Peter is making a mistake keeping her around.

Hannah B came back on The Bachelor this season to have a conversation with Peter about their relationship. They both felt that it wasn’t completely over, but Peter decided to send her home out of respect for the other women.

As Monsters & Critics has previously reported, Hannah does not play a role in the no-spoiler ending that has fans of Peter confused. Her time with Peter is done for good.

Hannah B didn’t bawl her eyes out when Colton Underwood dumped her

We went back to see how Hannah reacted when Colton sent her home. And while she was emotional, she didn’t cry too much when she went in for that dramatic limo ride away.

Instead, she tried to make sense of everything that he had told her and his actions of sending her home.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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