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Hairy Grabster on Shark Tank: Here’s how this hair trap works and where you can buy one

One Entrepreneurial couple will feature their innovative product Hairy Grabster on the latest episode of Shark Tank
Hairy Grabster will be featured on latest Shark Tank episode. Pic credit:ABC

The upcoming episode of Shark Tank promises to be another exciting one. A new crop of entrepreneurs will once again try to impress the sharks and snag some well-needed cash for their company.

One company to look out for is Hairy Grabster, and the name alone should certainly pique some interest.

But there’s more to this product than just a quirky name; it seeks to solve a problem that many people can relate to when things get a little too hairy.

After all, no one likes wet hair on the bathroom walls or, worse, tangled hair in the drains. But don’t worry, the Watne family has found an ideal solution to this hairy problem.

What is the Hairy Grabster and how does it work?

Patty and Andy Watne grew frustrated with constantly cleaning hair from their drains, walls, and floors. So the duo took matters into their own hands and created a product that can solve all your loose hair problems.

They came up with the Hairy Grabster, designed to remove tangled hair from the hands and traps them into tiny bristles. And it’s quite simple to use as well.

The Hairy Grabster is a small item that easily attaches to tile, ceramic, or glass using attached suction cups.

To use the product, swipe your hand over the bristles of the Hairy Grabter and remove and trap all the loose hairs. This way, the product gets to the loose hair before it hits the bathroom floor and clogs up your drain.

Once the hair is dry, you can clean the product the same way you would clean a hairbrush.

Plus, the Hairy Grabsters is the only item on the market right now that offers a simple solution for removing tangled hair from your hands.

Where can you buy the Hairy Grabster?

To get your hands on the Hairy Grabster, you can visit the company website,

There are two options available for purchase on the website, and both products are under 10 bucks. You can opt for the pure white Hairy Grabster for $9.95 or the Ocean Hairy Grabster for the same price.

The product is also sold on Amazon and Walmart.

Do you think Patty and Andy Watne can get the sharks to buy into their innovative new product?

Tune in to a brand new episode of Shark Tank to find out.

Shark Tank airs on Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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