Gia Giudice calls out Jackie Goldschneider and John Fuda on RHONJ: ‘Mention your own kid’s name’

Gia Giudice on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.
Gia Giudice fires back at her critics. Pic credit: Bravo

Gia Giudice has been criticized by fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey for inserting herself into the drama her mother, Teresa Giudice, and the other full-time cast members get involved in.

Sunday’s new episode found the 23-year-old calling out cast members who bring up her name to craft storylines on the Bravo hit.

In the episode, Gia is less than impressed when she learns that John Fuda has mentioned her name at Melissa Gorga’s housewarming party earlier in the season.

Fuda revealed on the show that he was in trouble at age 17 for selling marijuana in response to Teresa calling him the “biggest drug dealer in Bergen County.”

“I was younger than her daughter Gia, wasn’t I? And I know that in the past, I guess Jackie accused Gia or made an accusation … it got out of hand,” Fuda said, referencing Jackie Goldschneider’s analogy about Gia using cocaine in the show’s Season 11 premiere back in 2021.

At the time, Giudice had been in a long-running feud with Goldschneider, which had turned pretty toxic.

Gia Giudice criticizes John Fuda and Jackie Goldschneider

When Gia got wind of what John said, she quickly set the record straight during a conversation with her mother.

“What happened to him is not an analogy, it’s a fact about his past,” Gia affirmed.

Gia also questioned Jenn Fessler, who was close friends with John and Rachel Fuda when these scenes were filmed, about his comments.

“Did John Fuda try to refer to me in some similar, wrong way? Apparently, I guess he was trying to compare our ages, being like, ‘Oh, well, around the age that Gia did that, I did that?’” Gia asked Fessler.

Gia then took to a confessional to say that people should not be mentioning her name when she’s not a part of their arguments.

“Don’t use my name by analogy. Jackie, Fuda, I don’t care who you are. Mention your own kid’s name,” Gia said.

Gia gets caught up in the drama a lot

It’s a fair point from Gia, but you also have to consider that she immerses herself in some of the drama.

There has been much debate in the past about whether her actions should be criticized as a cast member with confessionals.

It comes with the territory of reality TV that people getting involved in the drama can be called out for their actions.

That doesn’t mean what Goldschneider and Fuda said about Gia is okay. But people should choose their words more wisely.

Gia looks to be moving on from RHONJ, with her reportedly starring in Making It In Manhattan, a new series focusing on the kids of many Real Housewives stars.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Bravo on Sundays at 8/7c. Stream Seasons 1-14 on Peacock.

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1 day ago

I call BS on that. I figured since she went to college she would understand that conversation, but college doesn’t alway help when you’re raised by Teresa

Donna Marie Span
Donna Marie Span
1 day ago

Gia you have no right being pissed at anyone…the comments made were not about u..kinda like the same thing you did to your uncle…you r not in the center of everything…nor do you know what you r talking about I am an Italian mother…and if you would have said what you said to your uncle I would have to slap your face…especially with the vile s**t that comes from Louie and your mom n don’t even get me started about your dad…we have watched it all play out…including Louie saying to your mother he didn’t want her brother at their wedding…we came to your mom’s defense when it came to what your father did…but she’s not going to disrespect her brother n sister in law…who have always been there for her…your mother has tried for 20 yrs to break up that marriage n time n time again they let her walk all over them…enough your dad is the one who broke your family and your mother is still paying off his s**t…I lost it when he called your mom a b***h of a wife…i wouldnt be surprised if you father n louie arent trying to bring her down…not that she deserves saving anymore and Jennis after her job…i think its time to say goodby to hwonj for your mom…shameful and disgusting but u have a good day…