Georgia on Below Deck Sailing Yacht admits feelings for Paget Berry

Georgia has feelings for Paget on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.
Georgia’s relationship with Paget is not strictly platonic. Pic credit: Bravo

Georgia Grobler admits she has feelings for Paget Berry in a new preview clip for Below Deck Sailing Yacht. The third stew has been flirting with the first mate all season, despite the fact Paget is in a relationship with deckhand Ciara Duggan.

Paget and Georgia enjoy their playful banter. They both insist it is all in good fun. However, there have been times the two have come dangerously close to crossing a line. It turns out Georgia has not been innocently flirting all this time.

Georgia is crushing on Paget

Bravo has released a preview clip for the upcoming episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht featuring Georgia admitting her feelings for Paget. The crew is enjoying a much-needed night out when Georgia begins downing tequila shots to squash her feelings for Paget.

“Even though I have feelings for Paget, I slam those f**king feelings with lots of tequila, no lemon no salt,” Georgia expressed in the confessional adding, “Because that’s not okay.”

It is about time, right? Fans could easily see Georgia was interested in Paget as more than a coworker or friend. The feeling is likely mutual, too. Paget doesn’t always act like a man in a relationship when Georgia is around.

Georgia not only admits her feelings but reveals the struggle not to act on them is real.

“Sometimes I have these moments when I just wanna be selfish and explore an inappropriate option,” she expresses in the confessional.

Georgia, Paget, and Ciara gearing up for a threesome?

The first look at next week’s episode of the Bravo show, also features Ciara and Georgia getting a little too close for comfort. They are flirting, sitting on each other’s laps and definitely giving off flirty vibes too. It gets interesting when Paget comes over and starts kissing Ciara.

Georgia appears uncomfortable until Ciara asks if she wants to join them. Yep, the third stew even says she thinks she agreed to a threesome. The trio gets up, and all start dancing together, leaving viewers wondering what happens next.

Georgia has previously said she has a deep friendship with both Ciara and Paget. However, fans will have to tune in next week to find out if the trio has a romantic interlude or if it was all a ploy to get viewers to tune in to the series.

Georgia Grobler from Below Deck Sailing Yacht has finally admitted she has feelings for Paget Berry that are not platonic. The preview clip proves things are certainly heating up on the Bravo show.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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