Geoffrey Paschel’s family reaches out for support from his followers — claim his innocence

Geoffrey Paschel
Geoffrey’s family reached out to his followers and asked for support while claiming his innocence. Pic credit: TLC

Former 90 Day Fiance cast member Geoffrey Paschel was convicted of aggravated kidnapping, domestic assault, and interference with an emergency call stemming from a violent incident with his ex-fiance on June 9th, 2019.

Now that Geoffrey is locked up and awaiting a sentence that carries a minimum of eight years, his family, specifically his son Dakota, has reached out to Geoffrey’s followers on Instagram in a plea of support while claiming his father’s innocence.

Geoffrey Paschel’s son pleaded with his followers to send their support

Geoffrey’s son Dakota took over his father’s Instagram to ask his followers for support and to discredit the court system.

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Dakota thinks his father is innocent and wants his supporters to speak up for him.

In the Instagram post, Dakota shared a video of himself dancing with Geoffrey and attached a plea to the caption.

He wrote, “Please help. This is Dakota and I am writing this on behalf of my siblings and the rest of our family. If you don’t know already, my dad is an amazing guy. He is always helping make this world a better place and I have never met a person that works as hard as he does. We are all overwhelmed, devastated, and heart-broken about what happened to him on October 7, 2021.”

Dakota then went on to talk badly about the court system and maintain Geoffrey’s innocence saying, “This country is supposed to be built on justice for all. My dad trusted the system. The court system is supposed to give people what they deserve. He doesn’t deserve what has happened to him.”

IG post about Geoffrey Paschel
Geoffrey’s son posted from his Instagram account. Pic credit: @geoffrey.paschel/Instagram

Geoffrey Paschel faces a very lengthy sentence in prison

This felony conviction is not Geoffrey’s first and that will most certainly play a factor in the amount of time he gets behind bars.

On 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, Geoffrey came clean to Varya and her family about his prior stint in prison on drug charges. He was not allowed to attend the Tell All due to his arrest for this incident coming to light.

The severity of violence in the crime Geoffrey committed against his ex-fiance will also be taken into account. For the kidnapping charge alone Geoffrey could face 8-30 years in the state of Tennessee.

Geoffrey is 43-years-old now so he may be locked up until he is an old man. The prosecutor in the case has said that she will be seeking the maximum on each count.

Geoffrey Paschel is due to be sentenced for his crimes on December 3rd.

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2 years ago

I still believe his ex is just a vindictive female, out to get Geoffrey any way she can. I will support him!