Geoffrey Paschel trial: Ex-fiancee accuses 90 Day Fiance star of bloody attack as domestic violence hearing begins

Geoffrey Paschel
Geoffrey Paschel’s trial for alleged domestic assault and kidnapping against his ex-fiancee is underway. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days cast member Geoffrey Paschel’s domestic violence trial got underway today with opening statements and several testimonies — including from his alleged victim.

The hearing saw a 911 call played for the jury and body cam video from the responding officers was also shown.

The reality star’s trial comes after an incident on June 9, 2019, which resulted in him being charged with aggravated kidnapping and domestic assault against his ex-fiancee Kristen Wilson. Kristen’s last name has since been changed to Chapman.

Here are the claims Kristen Wilson made against 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ Geoffrey Paschel

His ex-fiancee told the court that she and Geoffrey went out to eat, where both of them were drinking and they argued about issues over jealousy. They had been together at that point for a year and a half and had been engaged for three months.

Once they returned to her home, Kristen alleges that Geoffrey slammed her face and head repeatedly into the hardwood floor and dragged her up the stairs by her neck and her hair before throwing her against a wall.

She claimed that she was bleeding and there was blood on the walls and the floor.

She then alleged that Geoffrey told her to wash her face, blow her nose to get blood out, and then go to bed.

Once she laid down in bed, she alleged that Geoffrey sat at the edge of the bed with her phone and computer and proceeded to delete every message and trace of their relationship from her devices.

Kristen also said he went through the messages on her phone and social media at that time. She claimed both of those actions with her devices took 1-2 hours. Kristen later realized that he had taken her car keys as well, all in what she claims was an attempt to prevent her from leaving or calling for help.

Kristen then alleged that he laid down next to her and attempted to console and apologize to her. Once she felt like he was asleep, she ran barefoot to her neighbor Lauren Gouge’s house and asked her to call 911.

Photos of Kristen’s apparent injuries immediately following the incident and after some time had passed were also shown to the jury, as were photos of a scene in the house featuring blood.

Geoffrey Paschel and his lawyer are maintaining his innocence

During the opening statements, Geoffrey’s lawyer petitioned that Kristen was too intoxicated from dinner and injured herself trying to leave the house. He asserted that Geoffrey had nothing to do with Kristen’s injuries and that he would not be taking responsibility for any of it.

Geoffrey’s lawyer said that if he hit Kristen for as long and as severe as she alleges, that her injuries would be worse. He urged the jury not to get lost in emotion and to use their common sense.

More details from the first day of the trial against former 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days cast member

Kristen Wilson’s neighbor, Lauren Gouge, also testified, claiming that Kristen came to her house between 11:30 pm and 1 am on June 9, 2019, after appearing to have been severely beaten. Lauren asserted that Kristen seemed to be scared and in shock. Lauren Gouge also noted that Kristen had a visible knot on her forehead.

When the jury left for lunch, Geoffrey’s defense lawyer requested that police bodycam audio be deemed inadmissible based on hearsay.

The judge ruled against the defense’s request based on the fact that they opened the door to question Kristen’s level of intoxication and that the bodycam audio would contribute to that picture.

The bodycam video with audio was played for the jury and the police officer who was wearing that bodycam also testified.

The Geoffrey Paschel trial will continue on Wednesday, October 7 at 10 am EST.

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2 years ago

and here we have it folks… classic case of he said she said. it appears he has a nice welt himself. clearly two were tangoing and there is no other 3rd party evidence to say otherwise. losing a fight does not constitute these types of charges and sentences being imposed upon the one and only “winner”. it is common practice for jealous american women to use the poor victim damsel in distress ruse to ruin and get “their” men thrown in prison on bogus offenses. the prime example epitome of why we never ever, ever, date or marry 21st century american women. fierce independence and “justice” exclusively at white males expense. this poor sap will be sending the next decade, at least, behind bars.. meanwhile “african american” street gang thug murderers are getting manslaughter reductions out in 3-5. welcome to equality and freedom usa! usa! usa!

Mr. Daws9n
Mr. Daws9n
2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Ahh sad little incel.