90 Day Fiance viewers debate who the worst person to ever be on the show is

Leida, Paul, Geoffrey, and Stephanie
90 Day Fiance critics had an interesting debate about who is the worst 90 Day cast member. Pic credit: TLC

One 90 Day Fiance critic’s opinion on who the worst person in Before the 90 Days history was turned into a larger discussion from more opinionated viewers as to who deserves that title within the entire franchise.

With so many abhorrent cast members coming on the show throughout the years, there is a handful among them that are deserving of the worst person to be on the show title.

The subject of the thread was meant to discuss the cast from Before the 90 Days, but there was a sprinkle of cast members from the original 90 Day Fiance thrown into the mix.

90 Day Fiance critics gave their opinions on who the worst person from the show is

After a 90 Day Fiance critic on Reddit started a thread stating that Stephanie Matto is their idea of the worst person from 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, other viewers chimed in with the people they felt were much worse than Stephanie.

The subject of the thread was a picture of Stephanie with a heading that read, “Is she the worst person to ever be on Before the 90 Days?”

Opinionated Redditors subsequently gave their thoughts on who the worst 90 Day Fiance cast member is, and backed up their assertions with some shocking views.

One person agreed that Stephanie is annoying but that, “big pred, pole, and others are worse.” Big Ed’s nickname around the internet is Big Pred while Paul Staehle’s is Pole.

A Redditor then added to that sentiment by saying, “Yeah like how the heck is she worse than the literal domestic abuser and arsonist, or the multiple predators, the controlling guy who married Nikki I think, or Geoffrey who abused multiple women and might have killed his kid?”

Another commenter thought that Paul was the more obvious choice.

Reddit thread about 90 Day Fiance cast
Opinionated 90 Day fans call out the people they think are the worst on the show. Pic credit: @u/tired_blonde/Reddit

Viewers continued to give their answers on the hot topic of who is the worst 90 Day Fiance cast member of all time.

One Redditor thought that Angela is the worst person to come across 90 Day Fiance screens, while another vehemently stated, “WHAT!? Have you forgotten about LIEDA!?”

Someone else who thinks Leida is the absolute worst chimed in, “I’ve made it my life’s mission to remind everyone about Leida every time some one says ‘x is the worst cast member on 90day’. Leida is. The answer is always Leida.”

Reddit thread about 90 Day Fiance cast
Critics continued to give their opinions on the worst cast members. Pic credit: @u/tired_blonde/Reddit

There are many 90 Day Fiance villains

There have been many 90 Day Fiance cast members who angered viewers with their viewpoints, treatment of their partners, records, and much more.

Monsters and Critics’ top five 90 Day Fiance villains are guilty of all those points and then some and are amongst the answers given in the Reddit thread.

There will surely be more villains to come from the wildly popular hit TLC show.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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