Geoffrey Paschel sentencing: Petition circulates asking judge to give former 90 Day Fiance star the max sentence

Geoffrey Paschel
A petition was created to seek the maximum sentence in the Geoffrey Paschel case. Pic credit: TLC

Now that former 90 Day Fiance cast member Geoffrey Paschel has been convicted of aggravated kidnapping and domestic assault against his ex-fiancee, 90 Day viewers have fired up a petition to urge the judge to give him the maximum as his sentencing looms.

Geoffrey’s critics and onlookers to the situation have made it clear that they want the hammer of the law to come down hard on Geoffrey. The crimes were severe as was the level of violence and terror that was enacted during them.

Considering that this is not Geoffrey’s first conviction for felonies, the petition has strength behind it in that regard as well.

Geoffrey faces 8-30 years for the kidnapping charge alone in the state of Tennessee.

A petition has been circulating urging the judge in Geoffrey Paschel’s case for the maximum sentence

The petition can be found on where it includes a pointed letter to the judge asking to hand down the maximum sentence during Geoffrey’s sentencing.

The petition starts by saying, “Your honor, Thank you for taking the time to listen to how we, ‘the people’, feel about Geoffrey Paschel and the crimes he has been convicted of.”

It then goes on to introduce the fact that Geoffrey was on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance and how he was given notoriety from that. The letter then speculates that Geoffrey thrived off of negative coverage because it gave him the opportunity to, “file exaggerated, and sometimes false, copyright infringement reports” where he would try and take down the gossip site, social media page, or individual speaking out against him.

The letter then goes on to claim that the “signatures below are multiple women that have been harmed by Geoffrey in one form or another. He mentally, emotionally, and verbally abused these women. He had multiple ‘relationships’ going with upwards of 12 women at a time.”

The letter calls him out and condemns Geoffrey for being a “man [who] has painted himself out to be a perpetual victim of the circumstances of his life” and called him a “perpetual aggressor.”

The petition ends by asking the judge to continue the narrative of the victim in the case and, “sentence Geoffrey to the maximum sentence allowed on each charge. If Geoffrey is given any sentence that could possibly allow him to re enter society the harm would be exponential.” petition
A petition was started to urge the judge to give Geoffrey that maximum sentence. Pic credit:

Varya Malina is still supporting Geoffrey Paschel despite his guilty verdict

Varya has come clean about having continued her relationship with Geoffrey after Before the 90 Days despite his legal trouble and now guilty verdict.

After deactivating her account after the conviction, she doubled down and shared a photo and video montage of them on Instagram highlighting their relationship and begging his supporters for donations.

She has moved out of the house she was living in and claimed to be selling it even though the house seems to have been owned by Geoffrey. She has since taken up residence at what is presumed to be Geoffrey’s house in Tennessee.

Sentencing for the Geoffrey Paschel trial will be conducted on Friday, December 3.

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