Varya Malina appears to be selling Geoffrey Paschel’s house in Pensacola ahead of his sentencing

Varya and Geoffrey
Varya told followers that she is selling the house she’s living in, but it seems to belong to Geoffrey Paschel. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Varya Malina has been all over her Instagram stories trying to drum up sympathy from followers after announcing that she was selling the home where she lived in Pensacola, Florida.

It appears very likely that the house she is talking about is owned by Geoffrey Paschel — with her having nothing to actually do with the property besides apparently living there. A search of local property tax records reveals that Geoffrey owns a home in Pensacola, but nothing comes up for Varya.

This comes as Varya has been begging Geoffrey’s followers for donations “to help his family” after being convicted of his ex-fiancee’s aggravated kidnapping and domestic assault from a June 2019 incident.

Geoffrey, who thought he would beat the case against him, is headed back to court for sentencing next month and faces 8-30 years in prison just on the kidnapping conviction alone. It’s a no-brainer that Geoffrey is gearing up to appeal, and he’s going to need a lot of money to do that.

Varya had not been publicly linked to Geoffrey since their time on Season 4 of Before the 90 Days, but after Geoffrey’s guilty verdict came in, she posted about her continued and close relationship with him.

Varya Malina claims to be selling the house she’s been living in

Varya has been living in Pensacola, Florida, presumably at the house that Geoffrey Paschel owns. Interestingly, Varya posted that she is meeting with realtors and selling the house, which has 90 Day Fiance fans scratching their heads.

She used her Instagram story to talk about moving and wrote on one video, “Today I met the realtor… I’m gonna sell the house.”

Later on, she posted a picture of her vehicle, saying that all her belongings were in the car and she was moving.

Varya Malina's IG stories
Varya shared information about moving out of Pensacola. Pic credit: @varya.malina/Instagram

The house that Varya Malina is talking about selling is presumably Geoffrey Paschel’s house

Public property records for Escambia County, where Pensacola is located, indicate that Geoffrey Paschel and his mother own a house. We could find no proof that Varya owns a home in her own name in that county.

Public housing records
Public records show that Geoffrey and his mother own the house in Pensacola, Florida. Pic credit:

It’s possible that now Geoffrey is in serious legal trouble, he may need to sell the house, and Varya is stepping up to be the face of the transaction since he can’t do it himself while behind bars.

The new season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days premieres Sunday, December 12 at 8/7c on TLC.

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