GarmaGuard on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes the garment cleanser special and where to buy it

GarmaGuard is presented on the Shark Tank Season 12 premiere
The GarmaGuard presentation on Shark Tank for the Season 12 premiere was dramatic. Pic credit: ABC

On ABC’s Shark Tank Season 12 premiere, one standout product called GarmaGuard was up for grabs.

Still, the product which the creators described as an “all-organic, non-GMO, natural 0n-the-go garment and fabric cleanser created to address contact with odor on all types of clothing and garments” was not all that easy to demonstrate on television.

So, when GarmaGuard inventor Pete Padawy, along with his wife Bianca, presented GarmaGuard to the Shark Tank panel, they needed to unleash their flair for the dramatic. Hence, their Superman-style reveal, as seen in the photo above.

How did GarmaGuard come to be

So what was so special about GarmaGuard and how did this nifty product come to pass?

The idea came due to a daily ritual performed by the police officer husband and his nurse wife.

Each did the same thing when coming home after toiling all day. Even before going inside their house, they took off their dirty work clothes.

To take care of those clothes so they could be fresh and new for the next wearing was another part of their story. No amount of searching for a household item that would do the trick to their satisfaction was successful.

Enter GarmaHuard – Pete’s novel invention.

Not only did their product eliminate odor-causing bacteria from what they wore, but it did so easily and right on the spot.

“GarmaGuard [was] engineered with families in mind by using a natural ingredient which is found in many of our daily cleaning products today – citric acid,” Pete said on his site.

He also explained that the substance eliminates odors via its “efficacy, organic nature, and colorless features.”

“From the beginning, we always believed that for GarmaGuard to be widely adopted, it had to be natural, organic, and free of harsh and abrasive chemicals for us to even consider using it day-to-day on our garments,” the inventor said.

The formula deodorizes and freshens fabrics, according to Pete, and it also works on shoes, car seats, couches, and even dog beds.

GarmaGuard is a timely product given the ongoing global pandemic.

“…when hygiene has become the prime necessity… it doesn’t seem right to bring back germs from the outside world into your home,” wrote News Crunch. The source reported on how this invention brought to national attention on Shark Tank assists in alleviating that scary — and often stinky — problem.

GarmaGuard can currently be purchased in a number of ways via a number of sources in the U.S. Among the places already selling the popular product seen on the October 16 edition of Shark Tank are Target, Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart

Customers can also purchase this inventive way to stay clean and fresh from the company store. Each full-size GarmaGuard can provides a 30-day supply and is currently on sale for $23.99.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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