Fraser Olender addresses Camille Lamb’s Below Deck firing, teases what’s to come on Season 10

Camille Lamb and Fraser Olender Below Deck Season 10.
Fraser has sounded off on Camille getting fired on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck chief stew Fraser Olender has addressed Camille Lamb’s firing and teased what’s still to come on Season 10 of the hit yachting show.

Fraser struggled with whether or not to fire Camille after she didn’t do her job well at all and clashed with crew members, especially Alissa Humber.

Captain Sandy Yawn had given Camille one more charter to get it together, which she did not after having a blow-up fight with Alissa in front of guests and drinking on the job.

The first-time chief stew ultimately decided Camille needed to go and informed the captain.

While Camille has come out to debunk the narrative about her on the show, Fraser’s speaking his mind on the hot topic.

Fraser didn’t hold back in his feelings and had no regrets about how he dealt with Camille.

What did Fraser Olender say about Camille Lamb’s firing?

Last week Fraser stopped Watch What Happens Live to chat all things Below Deck with host Andy Cohen. It wasn’t long before Camille was brought up, and Fraser happily addressed the subject.

“It needed to be done,” Fraser explained.

Although the chief stew admitted to liking Camille as a person, the simple fact was that she didn’t do her job. When Fraser was asked by a virtual fan to name three things Camille was good at regarding her job, all he could say was, “She looked great.”

Andy also wanted to know if Fraser regretted not getting involved in the Camille and Alissa drama sooner. After all, Captain Sandy had to break up their fight in front of the guests.

Fraser has no regrets about how he handled things because he was focused on his job. The chief stew did give Captain Sandy props for helping him fire Camille and giving him the kick he needed to stop being Mr. Nice Guy.

“Truth be told, she was just making everything harder when it was just so unnecessary. So yeah, it’s a shame. But I’m glad I made that exact decision, and I’m glad that Captain Sandy sort of gave me the ultimatum to make that decision,” he said to Entertainment Tonight.

Fraser Olender teases Camille Lamb was not the Below Deck Season 10 drama

There’s no question that, while watching Below Deck, viewers have gotten the sense that Camille was stirring the pot and bringing the drama to the St. David crew. However, Fraser doesn’t remember it that way at all.

Fraser recently shared the drama isn’t even close to being over now that Camille isn’t part of the team.

“I always remember this season back as Camille not even being the drama. There’s a lot to come. I’m a bit worried about it, but there’s a hell of a lot of coming our way, and if people thought Camille was a big deal, then they’ve got a whole a lot of surprises,” Fraser expressed to ET.

The current season of Below Deck has hit the halfway point. That means plenty of crazy charter guests and crew shenanigans are still to come.

Fraser Olender didn’t tease much else, but the mid-season trailer revealed he’s in for a rough ride with Captain Sandy, and that will no doubt be entertaining for viewers to watch.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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