Camille defends her actions amid Below Deck firing ‘not going to allow this narrative to be the narrative’

Camille Lamb Below Deck Season 10
Camille had a lot to say about her Below Deck story. Pic credit: Bravo

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Below Deck Season 10, Episode 8.

Camille Lamb has fiercely defended her actions amid her Below Deck firing, and she’s not here for an inaccurate narrative about her on the show.

Despite her heated fight with Alissa Humber in front of charter guests and a disastrous drunken night out, chief stew Fraser Olender still decided to give Camille one more chance.

That was short-lived, though, as Fraser later found her day drinking when they were supposed to be turning around the yacht. Camille also hung with the deck crew on the deck when the cabins were completely cleaned.

Fraser was pushed to his breaking point and informed Captain Sandy Yawn that Camille needed to be fired.

The episode ended with a shocked Camille learning that Captain Sandy was letting her go.

Now, as all the drama plays out onscreen, Camille’s telling her side of the story and declaring the narrative being claimed on the show is not correct.

Camille Lamb defends her actions amid Below Deck firing

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Camille shared three different lengthy slides with a message expressing how things went down. Camille kicked it off by saying she would not allow this narrative to happen, explaining the show set things up to make it look like there was drinking going on all day.

It turns out that was not the case, according to Camille. The day was also used to film crew confessionals, where the drinking went down. Camille admitted to being “sauced” from those interviews.

“Went back to the boat finished what I had left and opened champagne. Fraser said when we finish our jobs ‘champagne time’ he said we could drink. So I open the champagne I saw Fraser use for tip meetings. Since he used it for us to drink I thought that was the one we used. I’m no champagne snob so I didn’t know [its] value.” she continued.

Camille then addressed what happened with the cabins, declaring her alcohol-impaired state caused her to miss some things. She also tossed Hayley De Sola Pinto’s name out there, sharing that the two were both on cabin duty, but Camille was the one who took the fall.

Camille defends behavior IG slide one
Pic credit: @camillelambb/Instagram

In the second slide, Camille spilled that a producer told her to talk to Katie Glaser about the previous crew night off.

“Then Fraser called me out about clocking off early. Not saying it was a setup, but it felt like it,” Camille wrote.

As for her firing, Camille isn’t disagreeing with what happened as she knew that either she or Alissa needed to go, and since Camille was fed up, she was okay leaving.

Then she set the record straight on her work ethic, which has definitely come across as lazy on Below Deck Season 10.

“Also this whole lazy thing. I’m not lazy.. maybe less enthusiastic. They choose not to show any clips of me working when I was doing exactly that 90% of the time,” she stated.

The fired stew reflected on the good job she did in the laundry, even though she did make a few mistakes. Below Deck fans will remember Captain Lee Rosbach didn’t have a clean white shirt to meet guests at one point.

Camille Lamb defends herself IG slide 2
Pic credit: @camillelambb/Instagram

Below Deck’s Camille Lamb isn’t here for Bravo narrative

Camille ended her lengthy IG Story with the third slide that had her accepting responsibility for her mistakes like not stocking the fridge properly or throwing glass in the trash.

What she won’t accept is the cabin narrative or the story about her swimming before guests showed up at the beach picnic, where Camille’s hair was suddenly dry.

“My accomplishments thus far in life are not accomplishments of a lazy person. I will continue to be accountable for my actions with no shame because at the end of the day I grow from them I learn from them and from those lessons and failures I’m one step closer to success,” she ended her message.

Camille Lamb defends her Below Deck behavior slide 3
Pic credit: @camillelambb/Instagram

Camille Lamb from Below Deck had a lot to say following the most recent episode that ended with her learning she was getting fired. Below Deck fans will have to tune in next week to see her full reaction and how the crew responds to her departure.

What do you think of Camille’s message?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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