Below Deck mid-season trailer: Captain Lee returns, ridiculous charter guests, and jaw-dropping crew drama

Captain Lee Rosbach Below Deck confessional.
Captain Lee will be back to finish Below Deck Season 10. Pic credit: Bravo

The Below Deck Season 10 mid-season trailer teases much more drama, craziness, and a possible firing before the finale.

It’s hard to believe, but Season 10 has officially hit the halfway point, which was marked by the firing of Camille Lamb.

However, thanks to the new teaser, Below Deck fans can rest assured the drama is far from over even though the blonde troublemaker has left the St. David yacht.

In true Below Deck fashion, the charter guests are over the top and the demands on insanely entertaining.

The crew will surely be kept on their toes with the guests, but the crew drama will really keep viewers talking for the rest of the season.

Oh, and of course, the highly anticipated return of Captain Lee Rosbach!

The St. David crew faces boatmance triangles, a new stew, and a shocking comeback

Things continue to go downhill for bosun Ross McHarg, who just revealed his heart was broken by a Season 8 alum and deckhand, Katie Glaser. Drunk Ross on those crew night outs and one steamy day off have him once again getting frisky with Alissa Humber.

At one point, though, Ross demands an apology from Katie, but she isn’t here for it. They clear the air because Katie and Ross end up in a serious make-out session on duty in the crew bunk area.

There’s a new stew too, and she has a connection to Ben Willoughby. Yes, the deckhand claims they have a lot of nudes of each other on their phones.

One might think of Camille when Ben takes the new stew to a guest cabin for a night of fun, but Camille returns to meet up with her man during a crew night out dinner.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg regarding crew drama, with the rest of it actually involving work for once.

Captain Sandy Yawn’s wrath and Captain Lee Rosbach’s return

Before the return of Captain Lee, chief stew Fraser Olender finds himself on the receiving end of Captain Sandy’s micromanaging ways. Fraser and Captain Sandy are about to butt heads, that’s for sure.

However, when Captain Sandy calls someone a cancer on the boat and the camera pans to Fraser, is she really talking about him or someone else? 

Chef Rachel Hargrove and Alissa clash, too, proving all the drama between Alissa and Camille might not have been all the blonde’s fault.

Finally, Captain Lee returns to take back over the reins of the St. David. Based on the footage, it appears the stud of the sea will return for at least one final charter, maybe more.

There’s so much juicy entertainment to come as Below Deck Season 10 enters the back half of the season.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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