Below Deck’s Ross McHarg reveals this Season 8 alum broke his heart

Ross McHarg Below Deck Season 10
Ross has a Below Deck connection that will shock fans. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Season 10 star Ross McHarg has revealed that he dated a Season 8 alum who broke his heart.

Ross has been causing some romantic drama this season on the hit-yachting show.

The bosun has feelings for deckhand Katie Glaser, which they have both acted on.

However, when Ross gets a few drinks in him, his flirty ways with other women emerge, landing him in hot water.

It turns out there’s a reason Ross has a hard time committing, and the reason has to do with a Below Deck alum.

Yes, Ross had a serious relationship with someone that just might shock fans.

Ross McHarg reveals he dated this Below Deck Season 8 alum

In a sneak peek for Below Deck Season 10 Episode 9, Ross opens up about his romantic life to his bunkmate Fraser Olender.

The bosun reveals he’s feeling a bit lost when it comes to Katie and his feelings for the deckhand. Ross admits that all he really wants is “uncomplicated intimacy,” but because they live and work together, that’s not really achievable.

Then as he reflects on why he just wants to hook up with no commitment right now, Ross spills the reason has to do with his previous relationship with Below Deck Season 8 alum Elizabeth Frankini.

“My longest relationship was with Elizabeth Frankini. We were together on and off for four years. I guess we just broke each other’s hearts on multiple occasions in that relationship, which is why I don’t want a relationship at the moment,” Ross expressed.

While Elizabeth may be in his past, Ross must figure out what to do about his present with Katie. Things keep getting complicated, and there are still three weeks left in the charter season.

What happened to Elizabeth Frankini?

Elizabeth and Ross were clearly on a break during her stint on Below Deck as she engaged in a boatmance with James Hough and never mentioned having a boyfriend. Once she was fired, though, James and Elizabeth’s relationship went south as most Below Deck boatmances do.

These days the blonde beauty lives in Mount Crested Butte, Colorado, with her boyfriend and dog, Raja. Although she occasionally shares photos of her with her new man, Elizabeth has kept his identity private and the relationship out of the spotlight.

Elizabeth has left yachting behind as she focuses on being a social media influencer working with brands like OOSC clothing and Wyder’s Cider. She kicked off 2023 with a new hairstyle and a new subscription service called Betta Style Box.

It’s not uncommon for Below Deck cast members to have a connection or past history. However, Ross McHarg revealing his longest relationship ever was with Elizabeth Frankini was not something fans ever saw coming.

To see the entire clip of Ross opening up about Elizabeth, click here.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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