Former MAFS star Tristan Thompson found out he’s going to be a dad on his birthday

Tristan Thompson from MAFS is going to be a dad
Tristan Thompson from MAFS is going to be a dad. Pic credit: Lifetime

Former Married at First Sight Season 7 star Tristan Thompson found out he was going to be a dad on his 32nd birthday.

Tristan posted on his Instagram that he and his wife Rachel, former Miss Texas 2014, are expecting their first child together.

“My 32nd birthday was brought in with much love and surprises. The biggest surprise was the revealing of our growing blessing. RACHEL IS PREGNANT! We are both ecstatic and humbled to prepare for parenthood. To my growing baby. Words can’t describe how excited I am to meet you. I’ll see you in March (sunglasses emoji)”

This announcement comes just months after the couple officially tied the knot in July of 2020.

Even during the coronavirus pandemic, the couple wed in Houston in front of 100 guests after announcing their engagement on Instagram in June 2019.

The couple moved to Dallas from Houston in 2019 as Tristan posted a picture of his new place on his Instagram, writing, “Well, well, well. Rachel and I have finally settled in to our new home. Houston provided us a solid foundation. Now I’m looking forward to us taking it to another level in Dallas!”

MAFS star Tristan Thompson and wife Rachel are expecting first child together.
Tristan Thompson posted this photo on Instagram after finding out he and wife Rachel are expecting their first child together. Pic credit: @theothertristan/Instagram

Tristan Thompson and ex-wife Mia Bally’s relationship

We were first introduced to Tristan and Mia on Season 7 in Dallas, Texas on Married at First Sight where they were matched.

This marriage was one of the most memorable and disastrous ones that fans had seen so far, even started off with Mia getting arrested on the way to their honeymoon with accusations of stalking her ex.

Mia lied about the situation and their marriage never recovered as Tristan felt he couldn’t trust her and their marriage ended in a divorce when the season was done.

Unfortunately there continued to be drama after the show ended between the couple especially when Mia decided to share her side of the story about her arrest and the history behind it to Love What Matters.

She also alleged that her ex-husband Tristan had a mugshot of his own the entire time but hid it from everyone.

Tristan responded on Instagram stating, “Ok @mafslifetime enough is enough. I’m sick an tired of this crazy a** stalker using my name an our season to keep her 5 minutes of fame. I’ve moved on with my life. She is blocked on all my accounts. But get the word out that I WILL SUE!!!! I’m sick of the fake pity stories. It’s time to move on fam. A season of reality tv ain’t that damn serious.”

Tristan’s controversy with colorism

During the preliminary interviews on Married at First Sight Season 7 fans were taken back with a comment Tristan made regarding what his “type” was in a woman.

Pastor Cal asked him about physical attributes and He stated “I don’t want to be matched with anyone darker than me.”

This is a deep rooted issue in the Black community and fans expressed their discomfort and what seemed to be self-hate against one’s background.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Tristan said, “I originally said I’m a fan of beautiful women. I showed him pictures of my exes. One was African, dark, and beautiful. I showed him her picture and said, ‘If you can’t find anyone that looks like her, I don’t want to be matched with anyone darker than me’ (as a joke). We all know what they edited.”

Tristan seems to be in a great place in his life with a new wife and a baby on the way so hopefully, these new blessings won’t be overshadowed with previous dealings from the show.

Married at First Sight Season 11 airs at 9/8c Wednesdays on Lifetime.

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