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Exclusive: Married at First Sight’s Tristan Thompson is not here for his ex-wife Mia Bally’s drama

Tristan Thompson
Mia spoke about her past and mentioned Tristan, who is not here for the drama. Pic credit: Lifetime

Tristan Thompson and his ex-wife Mia Bally didn’t end on the best of terms. However, now that Tristan is engaged again, you would think the drama from their tumultuous marriage would be over.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, and Tristan is not happy about being caught up in it.

It all started when Mia told her side of her infamous arrest and the history behind it to Love What Matters. She spoke about her ex, who she was arrested for stalking.

Mia described his alleged abuse and claimed he was the one that should have been arrested. She proceeded to discuss being married at first sight to Tristan.

“Originally, we wanted to divorce ASAP. I did not want to continue filming and neither did my spouse. The TV show experts said we could use this traumatic event to make our relationship stronger (also we are tied in contracts and couldn’t quit filming). We decided to stay married, but my then-husband kept throwing the fact that I went to jail in my face whenever we faced a hardship. The marriage was permanently stained and destined to fail for drama and ratings.”

Tristan saw the story and was not happy. Especially since Mia threw in that Tristan allegedly has a mugshot of his own. She wrote, “Shockingly, after filming ended, I found out my ex-husband had a mugshot this entire time which was all over the internet, and he hid it from everyone, instead of trying to console me.”

He took to Instagram to post his feelings on being discussed in Mia’s story. He posted the section of Mia’s story that discussed him, along with a caption that read:

“Ok @mafslifetime enough is enough. I’m sick and tired of this crazy a** stalker using my name and our season to keep her 5 minutes of fame. I’ve moved on with my life. She is blocked on all my accounts. But get the word out that I WILL SUE!!!! I’m sick of the fake pity stories. It’s time to move on fam. A season of reality tv ain’t that damn serious.”

Tristan's Instagram story
Tristan made it clear in his Instagram story, that he was not happy with the way he’s being portrayed. Pic credit: Instagram/TheOtherTristan

Tristan then shared a conversation between himself and Pastor Cal. He captioned it, “This is from @iamcalvinroberson who as you can see knew what time it was. I will not let these people continue to try to drag my name through the mud. If you “had my back” like you said you did, then STEP UP!”

In the message from Pastor Cal, you can see him tell Tristan that the editing did not do him justice at all, and he called Mia an “unpleasant surprise.”

Tristan's message with Pastor Cal
Tristan shared a conversation that he had with Pastor Cal that confirms that Tristan was portrayed badly. Pic credit: Instagram/TheOtherTristan

Monsters and Critics reached out to Tristan to see if there was anything else he wanted to share with viewers since he rarely speaks out about his experience on the show.

On the controversial topic of colorism, Tristan told us that Pastor Cal wanted to use him as an example because he felt too many successful black men don’t want black women.

“I originally said I’m a fan of beautiful women. I showed him pictures of my exes. One was African, dark, and beautiful. I showed him her picture and said, ‘If you can’t find anyone that looks like her, I don’t want to be matched with anyone darker than me’ (as a joke). We all know what they edited.”

He also clarified some of the things viewers saw on the show between him and Mia.

“I told Mia I was going to say ‘no” on Decision Day. That’s why she freaked out and disappeared so many times. I said ‘yes’ on Decision Day to be a gentleman, but as soon as the cameras were off, I left for Houston without her.”

Tristan has seemed to move on and be happy after his marriage to Mia ended. He is engaged to Rachel Ashley and the couple just got a new place in Dallas. Hopefully, he can continue on his path without any more mentions from Mia.

Married at First Sight returns January 2020 on Lifetime.

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