Farrah Abraham’s parents deny claims she is being investigated by CPS for ‘leaving daughter Sophia home alone’

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham was reported to be under investigation from the CPS, but this has been denied. Pic credit: MTV

Farrah Abraham’s parents have denied she is under investigation from the CPS amid claims she left her daughter Sophia at home in Los Angeles while she went on a trip to Mexico.

The former Teen Mom OG star is no stranger to controversy, but this latest story would have severe consequences for her and her daughter if it were true.

Over the weekend, Farrah revealed she was in Mexico for a Super Bowl party and some fans believe that she left Sophia home alone in Los Angeles.

The claims came after Tik Tok users spotted videos that Sophia reportedly posted of herself at home in Los Angeles while Farrah was on her trip south of the border. The videos have since been deleted, according to The Hollywood Gossip.

Farrah Abraham is accused of leaving Sophia home alone

Farrah and Sophia have yet to address the allegations, but the story made headlines yesterday after reports emerged claiming that Farrah could be be getting a visit from CPS.

It came after concerned fans and followers allegedly notified police that Sophia was in Los Angeles without her mother.

A concerned fan named @charles.j.smith reached out to Farrah’s mom Debra about the situation. Debra replied with a stern message saying that people shouldn’t believe everything that they hear about her online.

Farrah Abraham’s father speaks out

It didn’t take long for Farrah’s father to step in, and he claims he was the primary caretaker of Sophia this weekend while Farrah was in Mexico — and she was never alone.

Michael Abraham wrote on his personal Facebook that “haters” should “beware” as he would personally sue for public defamation and harassment over claims like these.

Both Saturday and Sunday, Michael had posted photos of himself and Sophia around Los Angeles. On Saturday, they had spent time at the pool and on Sunday, they had gone to a big farmer’s market in Los Angeles.

Debra later gave a statement to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, where she claimed that Sophia never actually even posted anything to Tik Tok.

Instead, she claims that Sophia’s Tik Tok account was hacked by a stalker and “hater”, who is obsessed with Farrah.

“It isn’t true… Sophia is with family and never posted anything,” Debra said. “It was a hacker who is obsessed with Farrah. We turned it over to [Instagram] and Twitter and the police.”

Debra also added that her daughter Farrah had done nothing wrong and that Sophia had been in the care of family all weekend. Meanwhile, Michael said in a statement that claims of CPS involvement were untrue. He said, “Farrah is not and never has been ‘in trouble’ with any CPS (child protection services) organization”.

Farrah Abraham quit Teen Mom OG a few years ago and has expressed no desire to return to the show. She has, however, criticized her former co-stars over their dating and life decisions.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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