Farrah Abraham’s craziest moments leading up to Teen Mom OG firing

Farrah Abraham on the red carpet
Farrah Abraham has had an abundance of wild moments in Teen Mom OG. Pic credit: ©

Farrah Abraham—the name goes without saying. Drama, drama, oh, and more drama. Farrah might be the most villainous and most disliked mom in the Teen Mom franchise.

Viewers have disliked the way Farrah appears to treat the other moms in the cast, the way she parents her only child, Sophia, how she goes through men, the way she treats other people in general as being beneath her.

But maybe most of all, fans of the show really hate the disrespectful and flippant way she treats her mother, Debra Danielsen.

These all go to show who Farrah truly is.

Put all of these attributes together about Farrah, and it’s no wonder she was, and still is, condemned by her cast mates and viewers of the Teen Mom franchise.

To show how abhorrent and distasteful Farrah truly is, the Tweet below about her fellow cast mates on the show should tell you all you need to know about her words, actions, and the type of person she is.

Farrah tweet
Farrah’s Tweet she put out about other Teen Mom cast mates. Pic credit: @f1abraham/Twitter

Farrah is offensive, profane, condescending to almost everyone in her life. Someone like this doesn’t deserve to serve on a show that is supposed to help teen moms like themselves and become a better person by learning and then teaching others.

Get ready to read about the six most shocking, irrational, and bizarre moments leading up to Farrah Abraham’s dismissal from the show Teen Mom OG.

6. Sophia’s visit from the Tooth Fairy

Farrah and her daughter, Sophia, spend time together.
Farrah and Sophia spend time together. Pic credit: MTV

Remember when Sophia lost her two front teeth? Typically, the Tooth Fairy will bring a dollar or two per tooth, but not in Farrah’s world.

According to ET Online, instead of handing over a few bucks as the Tooth Fairy, Farrah, instead left six one hundred dollar bills on Sophia’s nightstand. Yes, six hundred!

While Farrah’s parenting has been questioned over and over again, at least this incident didn’t require Farrah putting Sophia in danger, or allowing her to look and act provocative, etc.

A little money and spoiling never hurt anyone, especially Sophia, right? Eye roll.

5. Farrah gives Debra rules for Sophia

Farrah and her mom, Debra, talk about the rules she has set in order for Debra to watch  her daughter.
Farrah talks about the rules she has for Debra if she watches Sophia. Pic credit: MTV

It’s no secret that Farrah treats her mother rudely and harshly, treating her, oftentimes, like she is talking to a child. There are so many incidents that could be written about as an astonishing moment when it comes to Farrah and her mother. There are two on this list of six, and the first one is when Farrah set rules for Debra if Debra wanted to be able to watch Sophia.

In this particular scene, Farrah referred to Debra as a b***h and called her a nanny. According to the site TooFab, Farrah talked to her mom about caring for Sophia while she was going to film overseas for Big Brother UK. Farrah put Debra on blast and yelled at her, as she said, “So you know, here are rules to my house, you know, cause sometimes you like to put the laundry in there with two things and waste soap,” Farrah says to her mom in the sneak peek. “Sometimes you don’t understand how we wash, we clean.”

Debra responded back saying, “Don’t worry, Farrah. If I need to wash something, I’ll buy the soap,” her mom explained. “It doesn’t matter to me.” That response, for some reason, put Farrah on the defense, and she went off, exclaiming, “Oh, I’m not worried about the soap, and if that’s a b****y comment, you should probably hold it back. That’s why nannies get fired.”

Debra was taken aback by the fact that Farrah has called her a nanny, and that’s all she thinks of her. She tried to tell Farrah that she is family, Sophia’s grandmother, not a nanny, but Farrah wasn’t budging.

She even took it a step further by telling Debra, “You know what I want? I want my mom to listen to me, and I want her to understand and not be a bitch to me when I say how I like things done.”

The sad thing about this was that Sophia was in the room during all of this, and heard everything Farrah said about her grandma. Sophia was also clearly uncomfortable with the screaming and yelling because she started slapping at Farrah, probably trying to get her attention to make her stop.

Can you imagine being young child and seeing your mom criticize, and downright degrade and belittle, your grandma? Her own mom? Poor Sophia, and in this case, and a lot of instances with Farrah, poor Debra.

4. Farrah makes comments about Amber’s relationships

Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood get into it at a Teen Mom OG reunion.
Farrah and Amber get into it on a Teen Mom OG reunion. Pic credit: MTV

Did Farrah get along with any of her fellow Teen Mom OG stars? The answer is no; no, she did not. There may have been a day randomly at some point in the history where she didn’t say something mean or start drama with one or more of them, but Farrah had issues with every single Teen Mom OG cast mate. Every. one. of. them.

Even though Farrah had jaw-dropping moments, fights, arguments, comments about each girl on the show, the one chosen for this list regards Amber Portwood and her relationship with both of her now-exes, Matt Baier and Andrew Glennon.

First, when it came to Matt Baier, Farrah had some choice words to say at the Teen Mom OG Reunion show. As Farrah and boyfriend at the time, Simon, sat on the couch talking to Dr. Drew, Farrah referred to Matt as “a pedophile.” Amber heard this from backstage, and she came storming out on set.

Amber started to yell at Farrah, “Just because someone is 20 years older than me, doesn’t mean he’s a f*****g pedophile!”

The whole time Amber was screaming this, Farrah just sat there, and said obnoxiously over and over, “Hi Amber, Hi Amber, Hi Amber,” like a child.

This, in turn, fired Amber up even more, as she continued with, “Shut your f*****g mouth” three or four times. Finally, production pulled Amber back and tried to stop it from going further with those two.

Moreover, Farrah had words about Amber’s next ex, Andrew Glennon, whom she had baby James with. Farrah may have dropped a few notches even for her with the comment she made about Amber having baby #2. Farrah took to Twitter to “accuse Amber of only getting pregnant to make more money from MTV.”

Wow, Farrah. You sure don’t even try to make friends, only enemies. Again, as the old saying goes, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then maybe you shouldn’t say anything at all.”

3. Farrah and Debra fight about physical abuse

Farrah and her mother get into another fight with each other over physical abuse allegations.
Farrah and her mother, Debra, get into yet another fight. Pic credit: MTV

Again, it’s back to the Farrah and Debra feud–it is honestly never-ending. This time, at the very start of Teen Mom OG, and even before, during 16 and Pregnant, Farrah accused her mom, Debra Danielsen, of hitting her. They were talking about an incident that had happened in the past.

According to the show, you could see Debra and Farrah in an argument that got more and more heated as words were said. The more Debra stayed calm, the angrier and more upset Farrah got.

Viewers could see Farrah loudly shriek, “When you f*****g hit me that day you thought I wasn’t going to call the f*****g cops.”

Debra responded with, in a pacified voice, “I never hit you. I never hit you, Farrah.”

Farrah clapped back at her mother with, “Oh no, dumb b***h. I hit myself. You’re calling me a liar but that f*****g happened. At this point, Farrah started to get choked up as she reeled, “I f*****g care about you and you f*****g called me a liar and that’s why I’m f*****g pissed.” And then, Farrah walked out of the room.

Again, the profanity and disrespect that Farrah continues to show her mom is just out of control. Viewers are taken aback during every altercation and how Farrah talked to Debra then, and now. Fans should be used to how Farrah acts and speaks, but honestly, each time it happens, people still gasp and shake their heads disbelief.

2. Farrah chooses the adult film industry

Farrah and her parents, Debra and Michael, talking with Dr. Drew about Farrah's choice to be in the adult film industry.
Farrah defending her decision to do adult film. Pic credit: MTV

One of the main reasons Farrah was removed from the Teen Mom 2 show was because she decided to dabble in the adult film industry. Rumor had it that Farrah needed money, which is odd because surely she was making enough from MTV and the show?! Or maybe Farrah decided she was too good to be on the show anymore and wanted to flaunt herself and put herself out there.

Regardless, this comes in at #2 on the list because ultimately, this is what Farrah decided to choose when it came to the show or this. Not a great example for daughter, Sophia, that’s for sure, or other teen moms who watch the show for guidance and support for their own situations.

According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Farrah’s “sum of the deal could have easily topped $1 million.” When pressed about this decision on a reunion show, as she sat on the couch with mom, Debra, and dad, Michael, Farrah tried to plead her case.

Michael, on the other hand, was not so much on board, as Debra sat and didn’t say much. She probably didn’t want to get into another altercation with Farrah…again.

Michael revealed to Dr. Drew that, talking about why he was getting involved in the management of her decisions in the adult film industry, “I wanted to be by her side because 6 days before there was a release that my daughter had an adult video out.”

Dr. Drew responded with, “How did you get through all of that?”

Michael got visibly choked up as he revealed to viewers, “A lot of hope. A lot of prayer.”

Well, unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like Michael’s hopes and prayers have helped Farrah since. She has continued to be involved with the adult film industry and has participated in questionable activities and decisions.

1. Farrah’s fight with producers

Farrah and producer, Larry, get into a bad fight, which ultimately led to Farrah being removed from the show.
Farrah fights with MTV producer, Larry, on screen. Pic credit: MTV

The top spot in this specific list goes to Farrah’s epic fight with producers that inevitably was the last straw and got her kicked off the show.

As the MTV production crew showed up at Farrah’s house, she was immediately on the defense from the start. As Farrah stepped out onto her porch, and MTV producer, Larry, walked up her driveway, the argument began.

Farrah wanted to do another reality show dealing with her mom, Debra, and them getting therapy. However, producers told her if she went forward with the other show, she would be in breach of her contract with Teen Mom 2.

Farrah, however, disagreed with this, and said to Larry, “Nope, I’m not. I did everything on my end, sweetheart, so you can just take your little a** and get on a phone call and do your job.”

As Larry tried to talk after that, Farrah kept on, again like a child, as she constantly said, “Sure you did. Sure you did. Sure you did”…and then ended with “up your a**.”

As Larry stood there, in shock, but not really that in shock, Farrah continued on: “Larry, I would love not to laugh in your face. Why are you so “white trash?” This conversation was followed up in People, as she then said Larry was, “a dumb, twisted, motherf*****.” Apparently, Farrah proceeded to then get physical with Larry and tell him that she would, “never work with you guys again.”

This was the breaking point for Farrah and MTV. They decided to cut ties with her, as viewers and cast mates had been saying for a long time by then. Fans truly hope that Farrah can get her act together and change for the better, but truly, don’t hold your breath.

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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1 year ago

So Farrah has traveled the world and knows how run business’s lol….. From what I recall she’s failed in EVERY buisness she’s attempted!….Even the one she attempted to set up for Sophia !
And didn’t she have to move in with her father because she was being chased by numerous debtors.?
So when all else failed she entered the adult entertainment industry. By no means am I judging her on that, it is after all an income….but don’t look down your nose at everybody else.
Because at the end of the day Farrah you’re a horrid person who will end up a lonely old lady .

8 months ago

I reached the conclusion that Farrah is mentally retarded& has M/H issues also! Anyone ever notice the way she speaks? I do think her parents are both crazy also, so instead of acknowledging her severe mental deficiencies, they tried to act like things were normal.
How did that work out for everyone???
Her parents should’ve put her on permanent birth control from the start. She has no business being g a parent!!!!