Debra Danielsen shames MTV for giving Farrah Abraham a platform again with Teen Mom Family Reunion

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham makes an appearance on Teen Mom Family Reunion and her mom is not having it. Pic credit: Press Agency

By now, all of the Teen Mom franchise is talking about the new spin-off, Teen Mom Family Reunion. But one person, in particular, is not happy with MTV.

Why is Debra Danielsen so upset with MTV?

Debra Danielsen, Farrah Abraham’s mother, is disappointed and angry at the network and franchise for allowing Farrah to step back in and make an appearance on an episode of the new show, Teen Mom Family Reunion.

Farrah hasn’t been associated with the Teen Mom franchise since getting fired from Teen Mom OG in 2018.

However, MTV decided to let her back on an episode featuring all of the moms from Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2.

Although viewers have yet to see the actual return by Farrah since that specific episode hasn’t aired yet, previews have shown her walking in when all of the moms are around.

But Debra is not having it.

She is quoted an interview with The Ashley as saying, “Shame on MTV for promoting her on the Family Reunion.”

She went on to declare, “I believe MTV rewarded (Farrah’s bad) behavior. Now it appears she wants to make a living off of bad behavior and ruining others. Sad.”

Debra even agreed with Maci Bookout’s comment from the show when she bluntly stated, “Maci’s right. (Farrah’s) just mean.”

Farrah has really put her mom through the wringer in the past, as Teen Mom fans know.

Farrah and Debra have not even spoken since May 2021, when they had a huge fight and a falling out. In fact, Debra expressed that she hasn’t been allowed to talk to Sophia either—Farrah’s ruling of course.

What does Debra have to say about Farrah’s recent arrest?

Speaking on Farrah’s recent arrest and rants on social media, Debra articulated that, “Farrah’s always the “victim” always threatening violence and it isn’t safe. Never is (her fault) actually and it happens over and over and over again.”

Debra also talks about how appalled she is with what Farrah is doing with her life and how she treats others.

Although she has hopes that one day she and Farrah will reconcile, she also understands that it won’t happen until Farrah can treat her with respect.

Until this can happen, it sounds like Debra will continue to disagree with Farrah’s actions, behaviors, and judgment on much of her life’s decisions.

Back to Debra’s words…in life, should bad behavior really be rewarded? It’s a good question.

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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