Fans suspect Michael A as next Bachelor lead after latest casting calls for ‘divorcees’ and ‘single mothers’

Michael Allio on The Bachelorette
Michael Allio may be the next Bachelor lead. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation has been flooding social media with their guesses as to which contestant from Katie Thurston’s season could end up as the next Bachelor lead.

Many have spoken out in support of Andrew Spencer as they adored his connection with Katie and the way in which he handled their breakup.

After Michael Allio’s heartbreaking goodbye on last night’s episode, there didn’t seem to be a dry eye in all of Bachelor Nation. He made the choice to put his son James first and went home to be with him even though that meant he would no longer be pursuing Katie.

While several fans shared they were devastated by his departure, others became excited at the prospect of him possibly becoming the next Bachelor lead.

Based on The Bachelor casting’s latest social media post, it looks like viewers could be getting their wish as the possibility seems stronger for a season with Michael A as production targets “single mothers” and “divorcees.”

The Bachelor casting calls for ‘single mothers’ and ‘divorcees’

Often times when The Bachelor franchise releases a casting call, few details are typically revealed with the exception of whether they are looking for single men or single women.

When a person goes to apply for the show, they have to determine their eligibility based on age (must be 21 years or older) and whether they are truly single.

The most recent casting, however, advertised for a very specific subset of women.

The post read, “The Bachelor NOW CASTING eligible bachelorettes, divorcees, and single mothers!”

This is the first time this specific demographic has been targeted by production. This caused Bachelor Nation to speculate that Michael is the obvious next lead.

Some fans were convinced and “100%” certain that Michael had to be the next lead.

Fans are convinced Michael A is the next lead
Fans are convinced Michael A is the next lead Pic credit: @jess3treats/@raelynnking_/Instagram

Several commenters thought the casting made it obvious that Michael was going to be the next to have a chance at finding love, but nothing has been announced for certain as of yet.

Fans think it's obvious Michael A will be the next lead
Fans think it’s obvious Michael A will be the next lead Pic credit: @suzlipp/@nicolearielle_/Instagr

Would Michael A accept the role of The Bachelor lead?

While the new casting call caused excitement amongst those who adored Michael A, based on his departure to be with his son, it leaves many wondering if he would even accept the role of The Bachelor if offered to him.

Knowing that Michael is the only parent in his son’s life, it’s unlikely he’d be willing to leave him for such an extended amount of time again.

It’s quite possible that if Michael agreed to be cast as the lead, that he would want to bring his son James along with him while he filmed.

Whether or not Michael is for sure the new lead still remains to be seen, but the casting call is certainly promising for those who are hopeful.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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