Bachelorette viewers react to Michael A’s tearjerker breakup with Katie

Michael Allio films for The Bachelorette
Michael Allio had to make the tough decision to break up with Katie Thurston and leave The Bachelorette to be with his son. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelorette contestant Michael A. has managed to break Bachelor Nation’s hearts yet again.

Michael A. went home on his own accord just ahead of hometown dates. While many other contestants would’ve been looked down on for leaving so late in the game, viewers felt Michael had good reason.

Why Michael A. left The Bachelorette

Just ahead of hometowns week, Michael had a FaceTime call with his son James.

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Michael said he felt James was too young to understand the true reason he was there. Instead, he told his son he was gone for a work trip. He also promised his son they’d go on a week-long vacation, just the two of them when he got back.

However, that wasn’t enough to satisfy the concerned 4-year-old. James uttered words that broke both Michael and Bachelor Nation’s hearts.

Reciting the quote, one viewer tweeted, “’Maybe Daddy left because he don’t wanna see me’…JAMES OH MY GOSH NOOO”

Some viewers were devastated for both James and Michael. However, others couldn’t help but wonder if producers had something to do with James’ melodramatic line.

One viewer tweeted an evil laughter gif, adding, “The producers behind the scenes after paying James $5 and giving him an ice cream cone to say those things to his dad”

Others simply begged the network to let Michael and James reunite so that he could pursue his relationship with Katie and be there for his son.


Unfortunately, we all know it can’t be that easy and drama-free. Michael himself even knew, which is why he knew he needed to say goodbye to Katie.

Michael A. broke up with Katie ahead of hometown dates

In typical fashion, Michael A. tapped into his sensitive and compassionate side when breaking up with Katie.

Initially, Katie was excited by Michael A.’s surprise visit. However, she quickly realized it wouldn’t be a happy visit when he brought up his son.

Once again, Michael A. dropped some precious one-liners that fans couldn’t help but comment on.

“Not Michael telling Katie she helped him learn to love again,” one fan tweeted.

Another user quoted, “I’m not leaving because of us, I’m leaving because my son needs his dad.”

One user in particular summed up the tearjerker breakup in the perfect way.

“not michael telling katie she taught him how to love again after he got widowed yet hes leaving to go home to his son because he said daddy doesnt want to see him,” the user wrote. Yup. Pretty much sums it all up.

Some viewers pleaded for Michael A. not to leave. Others commended him for being a standup guy.

Overall, it seems that Bachelor Nation wants Michael to have it all.

One fan tweeted, “me trying to figure out a way Michael A. can go home to his son but also be with Katie but also becoming the next bachelor.”

Unfortunately, now all viewers can hope for is that he gets selected to be The Bachelor.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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