The Bachelorette contestant Andrew Spencer finally addresses insensitive tweets from his past

Andrew Spencer films for the Men Tell All.
Bachelorette fan-favorite Andrew Spencer apologized for his past tweets and claims they don’t represent who he is today. Pic credit: ABC

Andrew Spencer has been a fan favorite on The Bachelorette, but many have wondered if he would ever address his insensitive tweets from the past that resurfaced.

Well, that time has finally come. Viewers were shocked that he or the hosts didn’t bring up his tweets during the Men Tell All Special.

However, Andrew had already apologized for his past tweets just ahead of the special.

Andrew Spencer apologizes for his past tweets

“That’s just really immature,” Andrew told ET of his past tweets. “I own it and I don’t downplay anything about it. I’m really sorry that people had to see that side of me.”

Andrew explained that he wasn’t trying to hide from his past actions but rather focusing on how showing the world how he has improved.

“Obviously, you don’t want to hide that. That’s a part of my life and I own it, but that’s nowhere near the person I am today,” he continued. “I obviously show that every single day in how I speak. If my mom would’ve saw those tweets, she would’ve whooped my a** for sure.”

All in all, Andrew concluded that he is “disappointed” and “embarrassed” about his past behavior.

“[I’m] definitely disappointed and embarrassed about that,” he said, “but that is 1000 percent not who I am today.”

Andrew’s The Bachelorette breakup tugged at heartstrings

The Bachelorette viewers quickly fell in love with Andrew and he emerged as an early fan favorite.

He stood out during the premiere episode when he attempted to trick Katie with a fake British accent and appealed to her sense of humor.

He then impressed viewers when he surprised Katie with a charcuterie board with tacos, candy and her other favorite foods.

Andrew really won viewers over when he had so much fun with Katie during their one-on-one and then switched gears to have a very serious and important conversation about race.

Reality Steve had even incorrectly predicted that Andrew would make it all the way to the top four.

Unfortunately, he lasted just short of the final four and landing a hometown date.

During the most recent rose ceremony, Katie had four roses to give out. Unfortunately, there were five men there, and those roses went to Greg Grippo, Blake Moynes, Michael Allio and Justin Glaze.

Andrew was the only one who didn’t receive a rose. Katie and Andrew shared a heartfelt goodbye immediately after the rose ceremony.

However, Andrew returned the next day and said he wanted to leave on a happier note. They both got the closure they needed, and he left her with a note.

The note explained that he would be waiting for Katie if she changed her mind, which caused Katie to chase after him.

She asked if he wanted to stay longer, but ultimately, he didn’t want to prolong the inevitable of being sent home and not being chosen again.

Now, Bachelor Nation is pulling for him to be the next Bachelor lead, in spite of the resurfaced tweets.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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