Fans react to Kate Chastain leaving Below Deck, as she slams ‘hideous’ final season

Fans have mixed reaction to Kate Chastain leaving Below Deck.
There is conflicting opinions regarding Kate exiting Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Fans are reacting to the news Kate Chastain is leaving Below Deck after the chief stew slammed her “hideous” final season.

In the middle of the awkward, dramatic and extremely painful to watch reunion show, Kate shared an Instagram post announcing her choice to leave the Bravo show after six seasons. She joined Below Deck, alongside her pal Captain Lee Rosbach, during Season 2.

“Personally, this has been a very challenging season for me. I think I’m ready for a new adventure,” Kate admitted to Andy Cohen at the end of the reunion show.

She later described the season in a tweet as “hideous”.

Kate became a staple on Below Deck, with some viewers loving her and some hating her. Now fans are speaking out on the news she is leaving, and the reactions are mixed.

Fans are shocked, refuse to watch without Kate

There is no doubt fans are shocked at the news Kate is done on Below Deck. Many are so upset over her departure that a lot of tweets expressed the sentiment that there is no longer a need to continue watching the Bravo show.

Even though Kate had dropped hints that she no longer wanted to be part of the series, fans still could not believe the news. One Twitter user even reached out to Captain Lee to ask if the report was a joke.

“It isn’t,” replied the captain.

Many other fans made it clear that if Kate was done with the show, they were too. Not only was the sentiment shared widely on Twitter, but the Instagram post announcing the news was flooded with fans saying there was no Below Deck without Kate.

Fans want a Kate spin-off

While many fans were reeling from the news of Kate exiting Below Deck, others demanded she get her own show with Bravo.

“Now that @Kate_Chastain will no longer be on #BelowDeck can we get her a spin-off #bravotv?” tweeted one fan.

It is pretty clear among those that love Kate, that if she isn’t on Below Deck, then she has to stay within the Bravo family somehow.

Ever since she moved to New York City, there have been rumors swirling she would join The Real Housewives of New York. If that happens, it won’t be her own show, but at least fans would still get to watch Kate on screen.

The other side: Good riddance Kate

Not all fans are upset by the news that next season of Below Deck will not feature Kate. Many are thrilled to see Captain Lee’s sidekick gone, especially because they feel she is a bully.

Several viewers feel Kate is not a good chief stew and brings too much drama, but gets away with everything because of her friendship with Captain Lee.

“Let’s celebrate the wicked witch is leaving…hopefully someone more professional will be added. The captain allowed her to get away with a lot of mess,” tweeted one fan.

So while diehard fans will miss Kate, others look forward to a new chief stew joining the ranks next season.

Are you happy or sad Kate is exiting the Bravo show?

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