Fans applaud Tyler and Catelynn for teaching their kids about voting in latest Teen Mom OG episode

Catelynn explaining why the last election was so important to her.
Catelynn explaining why the last election was so important to her. Pic credit: MTV

In Teen Mom OG’s latest episode, Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra voted for the first time in their lives for the 2020 election.

And fans are overjoyed that the MTV stars are raising awareness about the importance of partaking in the most impactful civic duty — voting!

Teen Mom OG shows the Baltierras on Election Day

The Baltierras allowed the Teen Mom OG crew to follow them as they got ready to go to their polling place in their home state of Michigan.

Not only was this Catelynn’s first time casting her ballot, but it was also Tyler’s!

The Baltierras, Tyler, Catelynn, 6-year-old Nova, and 2-year-old Vaeda, were all very excited to head to the polls. Catelynn even dressed Vaeda in a onesie that had “Babes Support Babes” written on it.

The girls- Catelynn, Nova, and Vaeda- leaving their polling station.
Catelynn, Nova, and Vaeda leaving their polling station. Pic credit: MTV

The family made sure they were masked up before heading to the voting booths in Worth Township, Michigan.

Afterward, Catelynn snapped a picture with Nova to show off their “I Voted Today” stickers with pride.

Baltierra captioned it, “We voted!!!! Nova helped me fill our bubbles and she was beyond stoked!! We got outside and she screamed “I VOTED!!” Was such a proud moment.”

Catelynn Baltierra says ‘girl power!’

Once they got home, Catelynn and Tyler took the time to talk to their kids about how the 2020 election was historic.

“We voted for Biden and Kamala Harris,” Catelynn cheered to Nova. “It’s always been just boys, do you know that? Only boys for like… hundreds of years.”

Catelynn hoped to continue to inspire her daughters to be aware of these issues.

“I felt like it was empowering, especially as women,” Catelynn explained. “To see Nova’s reaction when we walked out, it was like ‘uh-huh.'”

Tyler asked Nova if she was going to vote when she is older, and she exclaimed “Yeah!”

Tyler encouraging people to use their voices and vote.
Tyler encouraging people to use their voices and vote. Pic credit: MTV

About voting, Tyler said that “it felt good doing it.”

Teen Mom fans praise Catelynn and Tyler

After this scene aired, fellow Teen Mom franchise star Maci McKinney took to Twitter to applaud the Baltierras for sharing their voting experience with MTV audiences.

McKinny wrote: “I absolutely love and comment @CatelynnLowell & @TylerBaltierra for speaking up abt the political and ethical climate in our world! What bravery they’re showing the world!”

Tyler Baltierra responded to her nice message saying, “Thank you! But if I’m honest it never felt like bravery, it just felt like the right thing!”

One fan saluted the fact that they were voting in Michigan.

Fan response to Catelynn and Tyler's voting scenes.
Pic credit: @TheWomensWatch/Twitter

Another person admired how Catelynn and Tyler use their power on national television to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Fan comment about Tyler and Catelynn on Teen Mom OG.
Pic credit: @TGodmama/Twitter

What’s next for the Baltierras?

Although 2020 was a difficult year for them, Catelynn and Tyler are focusing on their family. Catelynn is currently pregnant with a baby girl.

Audiences hope to see the Baltierras continue to be real about their struggles. The previews for the next episode of Teen Mom OG promise to talk about Nova’s academic struggles in kindergarden.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.