Catelynn Lowell reveals another 2020 heartbreak for the Teen Mom OG star and husband Tyler Baltierra

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra on Teen Mom OG reunion.
Catelynn reveals she and Tyler didn’t see Carly for their 2020 visit. Pic credit: MTV

Catelynn Lowell revealed that 2020 wasn’t an easy year for her and Tyler Baltierra for several reasons.

The coronavirus pandemic threw their family into making difficult decisions. The couple had to choose whether to send Novalee to in-person kindergarten or keep her home. Their daily lives changed, and the reality TV stars struggled to handle things.

As things play out on this season of Teen Mom OG, Catelynn and Tyler were dealt some difficult blows. Fortunately, they appear to be coming through it well, but it hasn’t been easy.

2020 visit with Carly

Teen Mom OG viewers know how important it is for Catelynn and Tyler to see the daughter they placed for adoption on 16 & Pregnant. Carly is a part of their story, and they have been seeing her roughly once a year since she was born.

According to an exclusive Catelynn Lowell gave to In Touch, their 2020 visit didn’t happen. She said, “Like nobody was, you know, flying anywhere, going anywhere. So yeah. That never happened. That didn’t happen this year.” 

Luckily, they found a way to see her, even if it wasn’t in person. Catelynn revealed, “We’ve done a FaceTime, like Novalee and [Carly] FaceTimed. But yeah, like visit-wise, it’s just kind of up in the air until things calm down or people are vaccinated.”

Other heartbreak for Catelynn and Tyler

Back in November, Catelynn Lowell revealed she suffered a miscarriage. While she didn’t announce it right away, she did share the news with followers. In memory of her angel babies (a prior miscarriage), Catelynn got a tattoo, and she shared it on social media.

Working through another loss hasn’t been easy on the couple. Catelynn recently called out her costars for not stepping up to be there for her, revealing that only Cheyenne Floyd reached out during her time of need.

As their story continues to play out on Teen Mom OG, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have shared some of the most difficult moments in life. From placing their first-born for adoption to miscarriages, they have laid things out on the line and been raw in every moment.

With 2021 just beginning, there is hope that Catelynn and Tyler will be able to have their visit with Carly as long as the coronavirus pandemic can get under control. Until then, the family will have to make adjustments to their plans as things change.

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