Exclusive: Josh Seiter claps back at 90 Day Fiance and Love After Lockup fans who think he’s dating for clout

Josh Seiter and Lizzie Kommes
Josh Seiter and Lizzie Kommes recently announced that they are dating. Pic credit: @joshseiterofficial/Instagram

Even before Josh Seiter and Love After Lockup star Lizzie Kommes announced their relationship, the former Bachelorette suitor has been fielding criticism that he is dating and entering into certain relationships for clout.

It’s easy to see why some reality TV fans might think such a thing but, according to Josh, there is more going on behind the scenes that should help to bring some clarity for those who think that his main goal is just to get his name out there.

Recently, Monsters & Critics had a chance to chat with Josh about all of the hate he has been receiving lately after revealing his blossoming relationship with Lizzie and we were able to ask a few questions about his relationships and how they began.

Check out what he had to say about his time with 90 Day Fiance’s Yolanda Leak as well as his new romance with Lizzie Kommes. He explains how each relationship began and based on what he had to say, you might change your mind about why he decided to get to know either of these ladies better.

Monsters & Critics: Did you use Yolanda for clout?

Josh Seiter: No. Yolanda was always the one pushing a relationship and asking that we go public. Two weeks in she told me to play up the public affection on Instagram because TLC had hinted they might bring her back for a second season and she thought our relationship would help her secure her spot on the series. ‘

She then launched into a sob story about how she was broke and couldn’t pay her phone bill and needed the money from the show. She acted like it wasn’t all about the money though and said it would be great for both of us if she was brought back on the show because then we could “show the whole world how much we really love each other.”

A TLC producer contacted me a month and a half after we started talking to interview me about appearing with Yolanda on the new season. Yolanda set the whole thing up, gave the producers my number, and was insistent that I talk to them.

She kept saying over and over that I needed to “impress them” so we could “secure the bag.” I did what she asked and the producers interviewed me via Zoom. A couple weeks later TLC informed us that Yolanda and I would not appear on the upcoming season, and a month after that Yolanda ghosted me.

It’s apparent from the timing of everything that I was only useful to her insofar as I could make her relevant again and get her on another season of 90 Day. When it became clear she wasn’t coming back on 90 Day, she lost interest. Long story short, I was in it for love, she was in it for a payday. If anyone is guilty of using someone for clout, it’s her.

M&C: What would you say to your haters/Yolanda supporters who constantly accuse you of using Lizzie and Yolanda for clout?

Josh: I didn’t use Yolanda for clout because she has no clout. She was briefly featured on a reality show and had a fraction of the following I did before I put her back in the news and helped her double her following. She was the one who pushed for a second chance at television, not the other way around.

I have an established brand as one of the most followed mental health advocates on Instagram, and my money comes from market investments, not reality television or gaining followers. Yolanda has a small following and pays her bills by hawking handbags to fans. Clearly if one of us needed to use the other to chase clout it was her, not me. Long story short, I didn’t use Yolanda, and I’m definitely not using Lizzie.

By the way, Lizzie is amazing. She’s sober now, has gotten healthy again, and has completely turned her life around. She shows genuine interest in me and is extremely down-to-earth. One of the things I like most about her is she’s a woman’s woman. Smart, intelligent, sexy, unabashed, and blunt.

Luckily, she’s only a two-hour drive away from me. And unlike Yolanda, she’s actually interested in spending time with me in person, something we’ve already taken advantage of. I just got back from visiting her In Wisconsin last week, and I plan to go back in the next month. People can hate all they want, but there’s no clout chasing going on. Our love is real.

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2 years ago

He claims he didn’t cheat on Yolanda but in another interview he literally admitted that he cheated on her with the mother of his son. He can’t even keep his lies straight. He says she used him for fame but he’s the one giving interviews about their so-called relationship even though it’s been months since they were “together”. He is a clout chaser.