Ex on the Beach 5: Derynn Paige says situation with Ricky Rogers was ‘intense’ after show ended

derynn paige during ex on the beach 5 finale
Derynn Paige during the Ex on the Beach 5 finale. Pic credit: MTV

The Ex on the Beach 5 finale featured resolutions for romantic relationships on the island, but for Derynn Paige and Ricky Rogers, it wasn’t the successful outcome fans may have thought they’d get.

During the season’s final episode, Derynn told Ricky she couldn’t be with him after giving things some serious thought. That left Ricky frustrated and confused after they seemed to be on track for a rekindled romance all season.

She commented on the ending after the finale aired, telling her fans there’s some “crazy tea” about her and Ricky’s situation, which was super “intense.”

Derynn Paige comments on her Ex on the Beach 5 outcome

Former Double Shot at Love contestant Derynn Paige was one of several singles who arrived at the villa in MTV’s Ex on the Beach 5 and had to decide if she wanted to pursue a romantic relationship with her ex, Ricky Rogers.

The duo were featured throughout the season’s episodes and seemed as if they were becoming closer and more comfortable with one another. However, questions began to mount as the season finale arrived, especially after Derynn received a video call from former castmate and bestie Brittani “B-Lashes” Schwartz.

“So I’ve gotten way more DMs at the end of this show than I did on Double Shot,” Derynn revealed in her IG Story after the episode. “If you guys watched the ending, then you saw that I leave single, and I dump him.”

She went on to say she has some crazy tea about the situation but isn’t sure if she wants to share it because “it’s a lot.”

“Let’s just say that what happened after the show was way more intense than what actually happened on the show. Me and him did try to actually date after the show, and let’s just say that a lot of things happened, and if I had to put it into words, I’ve never been more disrespected and disappointed in a friend, a coworker, a lover, in my whole life,” she said on her IG Story.

“And now, I really don’t have many good things to say,” Derynn closed her video.

During their big scene towards the end of the finale, a teary-eyed Derynn confessed that Ricky was her “best friend” and made her a better person, as he’d been there for her through everything.

However, Derynn said she couldn’t take him on the boat with her as she wasn’t ready for more. She told Ricky, after thinking about the previous times she’d been hurt or blindsided by him, that she was trying to protect herself.

During a confessional, Ricky said he gave it his all and was ready to move across the country for Derynn. Unfortunately, things just didn’t work out for the couple, though.

Derynn enjoyed trip with girlfriends before finale

Ahead of the EOTB 5 finale on MTV, Derynn Paige took a trip with several girlfriends to Puerto Rico, where they enjoyed some fun in the sun. The excursion included time by the pool, a few workout sessions, and soaking up rays at the beach.

Ricky shared all sorts of images on her Instagram page and Story from the vacation, with several clips and photos in a bright blue bikini in Puerto Rico.

Most likely, the trip with her girlfriends was necessary to clear her mind after what went down with Ex on the Beach 5 and her situation with Ricky Rogers. According to Derynn, she’s officially single now and will hope to find a better relationship in the future.

Ex on the Beach is on hiatus on MTV.

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