Erin from Temptation Island Season 3 dated this NFL star

Temptation Island’s Erin Smith flaunts having dated an NFL star in the past. Pic credit: USA

This week, we met the newest couples from Season 3 of Temptation Island, and the cryptic name dropping by one of the participants left fans wanting to know more. Erin Smith, the beautiful blonde ex-pro soccer player who came to TI with boyfriend Corey, used to date Miami Dolphins Linebacker, Kamu Grugier-Hill.

A South Jersey-based outlet named The Sun Newspapers did an interview with Erin and Kamu back in 2017 where they talked about their supportive and competitive relationship. Kamu Grugier Hill won a Superbowl ring with the Eagles in 2018 before being traded to the Dolphins.

In Erin’s words from her TI introduction, “I’m used to dating other pro athletes. You know, I’ve dated a linebacker for the Eagles. I used to date a shortstop for the Marlins. So I’m just used to that A-type personality.”

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Erin’s IG live reveal

Before the premiere of Episode 1, Erin posted a screenshot of her from @extratv where she gave three facts about herself.

  • Voted the biggest flirt in high school
  • Wrote a letter to Michael Jackson in 5th grade, and he wrote back
  • Used to play professional soccer
Erin posts on her IG Live about her personal life. Pic credit: @esm0oth/Instagram

She also went on the offense during this reveal, defending herself against some viewer pushback. Erin posted a screenshot of a tweet from @ClariceFelicia saying, “You are upset with your boyfriend bc he’s an introvert and you are not???” Erin responded “Bahahah! For the record!!! No!!”

Pic credit: @esm0oth/Instagram

Will she be the villain of this season?

During this IG Live session, Erin responded to more viewer flak from Reddit and Twitter about how she will be received this season.

One fan on Reddit said that Erin seemed like a hot pick for villain of the season while another on Twitter said to take a shot every time Erin cries.

Pic credit: @esm0oth/Instagram

Erin took these jabs in stride as she jokingly wrote her own comments on the screenshots saying, “Wow getting a lot of love y’all” with laughing face emojis. She also said that everyone would get hammered if they took a shot when she cried.

Pic credit: @esm0oth/Instagram

Erin and Corey live in San Diego and have been together for a year and a half. The issues they face in their relationship are that Erin is not used to being with a shy and safe guy like Corey, and Corey has insecurities over being compared to Erin’s athletic and public ex-boyfriends.

Their ability to move past their differences and learn more about themselves will be the determining factor in whether they ultimately end up together.

Temptation Island airs on Tuesdays, at 10/9 on USA.

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