Erika Jayne takes aim at ‘obsessed’ new owner of her auctioned off diamond earrings

Erika Jayne close up
Erika Jayne isn’t surprised that Ronald Richards’ wife won the auction for her earrings. Pic credit: @erikajayne/Instagram

Erika Jayne knows who won the auction for those controversial diamond earrings, and she’s not surprised at all.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was forced to give up her bling, which was then auctioned off along with the home she shared with her ex-husband Tom Girardi to help pay back money owed to his victims as well as other creditors.

The earrings, which Erika claimed Tom paid $750,000 per earring to gift her, were determined by a judge to have been purchased using funds from a client trust account, which is why she was ordered to hand them over.

But that didn’t come without a fight, as Erika wasn’t trying to give back the pricey gift and tried to appeal the decision, ultimately losing and handing over her precious pair of diamond studs.

Adding insult to injury, the woman who won the auction and is now the proud owner of the earrings is none other than Lauren Boyette, the wife of Ronald Richards, who happens to be the former special counsel appointee handling the Girardi Keese bankruptcy.

Lauren wasted no time showing off the sparklers, even ruminating via Instagram caption if she should have the word “Girardi” removed from the studs. Erika’s legal last name is engraved on the platinum setting of each diamond stud.

Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge call Lauren Boyette a ‘stalker,’ say she is ‘obsessed’

Erika Jayne was called to comment on the purchase of her beloved earrings by Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp as they recorded a recent episode of Two T’s in a Pod, and she was quick to oblige with her opinion.

But not before Teddi called Lauren a “stalker,” and Tamra suggested that she and Ronald Richards are “obsessed” with Erika, calling their interest in the case “f**king disgusting.”

“I would love to say I’m shocked, but at this point, I’m not,” Erika said of Lauren purchasing her most prized jewelry item.

Erika was quick to agree with the Bravo ladies, adding that the situation was also “frightening” considering that Ronald was behind the leaking of her address.

It turns out that Erika has an explanation for why Ronald Richards’ wife decided to bid on and ultimately win ownership of the diamond sparklers. “It’s a trophy baby, they’re so obsessed,” Erika explained.

If anyone is going to have the last laugh here, it’ll be Erika Jayne. After all she did to keep her hands on those expensive earrings, the RHOBH star is now changing her tune.

Lauren Boyette hits back at Erika Jayne’s claim she is ‘obsessed’

Naturally, Lauren Boyette heard about Erika Jayne’s appearance on Two T’s in a Pod, and she had plenty to say in response to claims that she’s “obsessed” with the RHOBH star.

In an Instagram post, she wrote, in part, “I’m not obsessed, don’t flatter yourself. As for my husband- you are clearly confusing his passion to win his cases for his clients against you and Tom with obsession.”

Lauren also hit out at Erika’s claims that her husband posted Erika’s address, claiming that she asked for proof, but none was provided. She also pointed out that Erika has peppered her with “vulgarity” and called it “classless.”

Ronald Richards’ wife then went on to accuse Erika of trying to drag out the legal proceedings as much as she could in an effort to deny Tom’s victims what they are due and claimed her purchase of Erika’s gems, which were sold for far less than they were supposedly worth, was an effort to help some of the victims recoup what is owed to them.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus.