Erika Jayne feuds with Bravo blogger after refusing to give credit for funny meme

RHOBH - Erika Jayne
Erika Jayne claps back at a blogger. Pic credit: ©

Erika Girardi’s latest post on social media has one blogger up in arms.

However, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is not backing down.

The drama stemmed from a photo that Girardi posted yesterday that has been making the rounds on social media.

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The photo shows Erika, her co-star Lisa Rinna, and Real Housewives of Potomac star Robyn Dixon all donning the same pink blazer.

The Beverly Hills alums wore the outfits in season 10 during a dinner at Erika’s home.  At the time, the two women laughed about the twinning moment during the episode.

However, we recently saw Robyn rock the same hot pink Rotate Birger Christensen blazer while at a “sip n see” for castmate Wendy Osefo’s newborn.

Now, the image of the three fabulous reality TV personalities is making the rounds, but Erika’s post about the matching blazers may have gotten her in some trouble.

Erika Jayne gets in trouble for not giving credit

The Painkiller singer recently shared an image on Instagram of herself, Lisa, and Robyn clad in their matching outfits.

The pic shows the three women along with a split image of the girl gang the Pink Ladies from the classic movie Grease.

The 49-year-old captioned the post, “Frenchy, Rizzo, and Marty ? Pink Ladies.” She credited fellow RHOBH star Kyle Richards for the photo.

Erika Jayne claps back at blogger on Instagram
Pic credit:theprettymess/Instagram

The Bravo star quickly got a comment from the originator of the meme.

The Instagram account brandsbybravo was the first to post the image, and commented saying, “Hey. That’s my photo! Can you credit me Please?”

However, Erika’s response to the simple request was less than classy.

“The images do not belong to you,” she wrote. “Now go make some interesting sh*t that I can promote.”

Erika Jayne claps back at blogger on Instagram
Pic credit:theprettymess/Instagram

“Be happy that people will now check out your page. Isn’t that what you wanted?” Erika wrote. “Credit? Well here it is.”

The Instagram account in question then responded with a jab saying, “This feud is now as exciting as this past season of RHOBH.”

“This is no feud but a lesson that YOU do not own others images and then ‘want credit’ for them,” Erika replied.

Instagram fans bash Erika for her response

The RHOBH star’s response did not sit well with Instagram followers who found it rude and condescending.

One follower pointed out, “@brandsbybravo wasn’t asking for credit for the original pic, just the meme. The original pic was designed by @bravotv…the photo ownership was never in question.”

But the former ROXY star refused to back down, saying, “It’s all stolen images, no one deserves credit, get it?”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus on Bravo.


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