Elizabeth Vargas reveals 35-pound weight loss, admits to feeling ‘uncomfortable’ at heavier weight

Elizabeth Vargas poses in her closet.
Elizabeth Vargas poses in her closet. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Orange County star Elizabeth Lyn Vargas revealed that she recently lost 35 pounds while giving a tour of her wardrobe.

Viewers won’t be shocked by how nice her luxurious closet is.

However, Elizabeth told Bravo TV that she has some pieces in her closet that viewers won’t recognize. She explained that she hasn’t worn some of items in her closet in a while because she no longer felt the need to try to hide her figure.

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“You’re going to see some discrepancies with my wardrobe,” she warned. “For instance, I have a lot of darks because I was heavier-set. I was 35 pounds heavier nine months ago.

While she admitted that she wore darker clothes because she felt self-conscious about her old body, she wished that she and other women felt confident enough in their bodies to wear any color.

“Honestly, I think a lot of women can relate to me,” she added. “When you get juicy and you feel like a little uncomfortable in your skin, you wear a lot of black. And you know what? Screw it. Let’s all wear color and get the juicy out.”

How Elizabeth lost the weight

In the video, Elizabeth claims that she worked really hard to exercise and improve her diet, and it paid off.

“I’ve been eating really healthy and working out really hard and training for the L.A. marathon 2021. So. with that being said, I ended up losing 30 to 35 pounds,” she said.

What will Elizabeth do with all these extra clothes?

“Now all of this black, I have to throw away and donate. And then kind of move to more glamour whites and colors, which I’m in love with now. I never used to wear color until recently,” she revealed.

Who is Elizabeth Vargas?

Elizabeth is the newest housewife to join RHOC. Even though she has only been on the show for three episodes, she has already become a hot topic of conversation.

Elizabeth has made it clear that she did not grow up wealthy.

On the RHOC premiere, she told fans that she met her wealthy husband, Bernt Bodal, when she was in college. She successfully wooed the $200 million man and enjoyed living a life of luxury.

The couple split in 2017 and she alleges Bodal had an affair where he got another woman pregnant and fathered a child, however he disputes this claim.

Elizabeth is now dating her current boyfriend, Jimmy. The two are happy together but she admitted that the couple doesn’t have sex. This ends up becoming a talking point throughout the course of the season.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesday 9/8c on Bravo.

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