Elizabeth Vargas’ monthly wardrobe budget is shocking — But is the RHOC star being honest after claims she wore fake Chanel?

RHOC housewife, Elizabeth Vargas.
RHOC Elizabeth Vargas shares her clothing budget, but is she being honest? Pic credit: Bravo

New Real Housewives of Orange County castmember, Elizabeth Vargas, recently shared her monthly clothing budget, and it’s outrageous.

Elizabeth is the newest housewife to join the RHOC cast. She was married to millionaire Bernt Bodal prior to their divorce.

Speaking to Watch What Happens Live host, Andy Cohen, Elizabeth explained that she spent a shocking amount on clothing.

Elizabeth tells Andy about her luxurious spending limits

During the segment, appropriately titled Viva Liz Vargas, Andy opened by stating, “Elizabeth, you had to keep your lips zipped when asked about your wealthy ex-husband. But there’s no gag order stopping you from unzipping your purse.”

“So, I have a round of questions about the lifestyle your marriage afforded you,” he continued.

Andy then dove directly into some quick-fire questions about Elizabeth’s finances and spending habits.

“What’s the most cash you’ve ever had in your wallet?” he asks.

“Most cash I’ve ever had in my wallet…$250,000,” she answers cooly.

“Wow,” Andy responds. “Was there an amount of money that you couldn’t spend without checking in with your spouse? And if so, how much was it?”

Elizabeth hesitates on this question before explaining, “Well, I couldn’t spend a lot of money in general without him knowing because he was the one who provided me that lifestyle. So, I could spend whatever he would give me, which was few and far between.”

She continued that her ex-husband would give her anywhere between $500,000 and $300.

Andy digs into Elizabeth’s clothing budget

Andy then asked Elizabeth, “What do you estimate your monthly clothing budget was while married?”

“Easily around twenty to thirty thousand,” she answered.

Andy then took a sharp left and asked Elizabeth about her philanthropic contributions.

“What is the largest donation you’ve ever made to charity?” Andy asked.

“A million and a half. And that was with both of us, not just myself,” Elizabeth answered.

Andy then asks Elizabeth what the charity was “out of curiosity.”

“The Seattle Children’s Hospital, I believe,” she responded. She goes on to say that she isn’t completely sure but that’s what her assumption is.

For Andy’s last question, he asked, “How many pairs of shoes do you own?”

Elizabeth laughed and bashfully answered that she owns 628 pairs of shoes.

Shocked, Andy blurts out, “Is that true?” to which Elizabeth says she’s dead serious.

“I’m not surprised you’re a Real Housewife of Orange County,” Andy concludes.

So, how did Elizabeth end up accused of wearing fake Chanel if she had such a luxurious spending limit?

Recently, Elizabeth was accused of wearing a fake Chanel top, which is a direct contradiction to her claim that she spent tens of thousands of dollars monthly while she was married.

On the premiere episode of the newest RHOC season, Elizabeth is seen wearing a white Chanel button up top. And while that may seem like a high fashion choice, fans quickly pointed out that the shirt looked to be a knock-off.

Other famous reality personalities including Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Teresa Giudice, and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Dorit Kemsley, were spotted in the Chanel top. However, the differences between those and Elizabeth’s top were quite obvious.

Post about Elizabeth Vargas on Instagram
Elizabeth Vargas claims she’s just happy to be in the same picture as Dorit Kemsley after being accused of wearing fake Chanel. Pic credit: @allaboutrh/Instagram

When the rumors began to swirl that Elizabeth was wearing a fake, she took to Instagram to address the comments, sort of.

Putting a positive spin on the situation, Elizabeth shared on her Instagram stories that she’s just happy to be in the same picture as Dorit, one of her heroes.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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